WTF? fuck i hate my family!

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  1. yesterday i bought a half ounce from my friend for 50 bucks, he gave me a deal because i been buying from him every other day for the last 3 weeks. well, i go home, and put the weed in my closet, under my folded clothes. so i go to my friends friends house because i havent hung out with her in a year or so. well i come home, and decide to smoke a little bit before taking a shower, when i cant find my weed, anywhere. i really didnt want to go to my mom and ask her about it because she hates the fact that i smoke. so i go to bed VERY pissed off. i wake up the next day (this morning), and see that my mom and 2 bros are sitting at the kitchen table. i make no big deal out of it and get me some cereal and sit down to eat. my mom doesent want me to smoke, my bro is a arrogant fuck who thinks he knows EVERYTHING hes talking about, and my other bro is a part-time dealer and doesn't care as long as i don't let it take over my life. the conversation starts with:

    mom: i found a bag of "drugs" in your room yesterday.
    me: umm yea, i want my weed back please.
    mom: i burned it.
    arrogant asshole brother: we dont want you living under her roof if you are going to be doing drugs.
    me: first off, dont fucking call it "drugs," it is NOT like cocaine or heroin or meth or any of that bullshit. i have read and read and read about marijuana and i will hand your ass to you if you want to argue about it with me.
    cool bro: man, chill, just dont smoke as long as you dont live here.
    arrogant bro and mom: he shouldnt be smoking that garbage at all, it makes him stupid and it kills brain cells.
    me: first off, its not garbage, second, you smoke cigarettes, its not very different that weed, except more addicting. third, who the fuck told you that it kills brain cells? living kills brain cells, humans only use like 5% of their brains anyways, its not like ill die from smoking weed.
    arrogant bro: you dont know shit about it, youre just saying all that just to make it look harmless. im trying to save you from ruining your life.
    me: dude, it is not addictive, you wont see me sucking dick for some damn weed. and why would it bother you if i was dumbed down, at least then you would be on my level.
    cool bro: *starts laughing his ass off*
    mom and arrogant bro: there is nothing funny about this, youre little bother is a drug addict and you arent helping him out.
    me: thats right, im a drug addict, and youre a fucking pill-popper, those pills you take for epilepsy fuck you up in the head to the point where you start believing your own lies. i have read and researched many times and you can not in any way, shape or form win an arguement with me about marijuana. dont call it a drug, its not much different from the ciggs he smokes and the tea your brew, its a plant put on earth just like any other. you are born with THC receptors in your brain, now how can something be bad when you were BORN with the equipment to use it? thats like having a dick and saying pussy is bad for you, it is MEANT to be. (both of my bros started chuckling at that shit)
    mom: well, if you are going to keep smoking those damn drugs, i dont want you in my house.
    me: ill start packing.

    i get up and leave, just dumping my cereal into the sink and looking at em like theyre fucking retarded, which they fucking are. how can they be so goddamn stupid? they refuse to read any facts, and prefer to believe their own bullshit lies and propaganda.

    later my arrogant bro tries to have a convo with me.

    bro: look, im just trying to help you, youre my little bro and i dont want you to fuck up your life.
    me: i said it before, it wont fuck up my life. you done lost the arguement, and im not going to stop smoking. i expect to be paid back for my destroyed weed. i dont like you smoking cigarettes, but do i steal your cigs that you paid for and burn them? youre a fucking asshole and youre too stupid to realize it.
    bro: look, i have smoked it on my 21st birthday, it scared me. i lost my mind when i smoked it, i was so scared, i didnt know what to do, how the hell can you like that feeling?
    me: i dont get scared, i dont feel bad, i feel GOOD, i am happy, i love being high, all my problems go away and im content with the things i have. i am not hurting anyone so please leave me be. im not a kid anymore and i can make my own decisions in life. and about you being so high and scared, maybe you smoked too much and lost it since it was your first time, or youre lying out of your ass. i think youre lying. i want you to smoke with me so i can see how it affects you, and you can see how it affects me.
    bro: did you know weed causes a lot of wrecks because people that are high dont know what they are doing? also, girls dont like it when a guy smokes weed, it makes them think theyre idiots and addicts. and who the hell wants to be friends with a pothead?
    me: i drove high before, and its nothing like alcohol just so you know, it makes you pay MORE attention. if a girl doesent like me for who i am and what i do, fuck the bitch. you stupid fuck, many bitches think its cool to drink and get drunk and poison themselves and fuck up their lives, but a litte bit of weed NEVER hurt nobody. no one has ever died of weed. you get drunk, and you know you feel shitty the next morning, when i smoke, i just feel a little lazy. and yes i am a pothead, and i have MANY friends, even straight edge ones who are against drugs. i have more friends than you have now, or ever had. i accept people for who they are, i dont try to control them. i see youre just as stupid as mom is and refuse to listen to what i have to say, so please leave my room. i dont want to talk to you, what ever i say passes by you and you dont even take it into consideration.

    seriously, my family fucking irritates the shit out of me. its like a fucking communist government, and IM NOT GOING TO FUCKING TAKE IT NO MORE. if you smoke weed, and your parents catch you, adult or underage, fight for your right! fuck it i have had ENOUGH! i am sick of listening to lies and propaganda and STUPID ASSFUCK PARENTS who think they know their shit, but would get their shit ruined by me in an arguement. i need some more weed now, next time i get a session to toke, ill dedicate it to grasscity and EVERY stoner, dead or alive. we are people too, we have made our life decisions, why cant we smoke OUR weed, and live OUR lives, when its perfectly fine for someone to go into a bar, and get shitty drunk, AND still be considered a normal person. FUCK THAT! no more of this shit, if any of my friends get caught and their parents give them shit, ill be right there with my friends fighting the WAR on drugs, ON THE DRUGS SIDE! i dont even know what it is, something just made me snap today and im sick of it all. if you had some thickheaded parents or friends that plain refused listen to what you had to say, POST IT UP! i want to hear it, because i feel like im the only one with stupid ass family as mine. it really makes me ashamed to carry my family's last name. shit, i would just change my last name to Potsmoker, but thats like wearing a shirt that says "I HAVE DRUGS ON ME, PLEASE SEARCH ME AND ARREST ME FOR POSSESION." man i dont know what it is, i just feel like i have to let it out somewhere, and this is the only place that i know would understand the bullshit we stoners go through.
  2. ur rite about it being bogus them burnin ur stash but i think u should give be a lil lenient since they think they're tryin 2 help u my advice is show them the stuff u read and maybe they'll change thier mind.

    P.S. I think your brother lying off his ass
  3. If I had a brother that arrogant I'd straight kick the shit out of him. I used to listen to that shit, but not anymore. Fuck that. But, I don't have any brothers to speak of.
  4. YEAAAHHHHH!!!!! preach on bro. show those bitches whose boss.
  5. My mom found a joint that I rolled in my room, my brother smokes weed. She said she broked it and found hairs in it and showed my brother and tried saying that the hairs were bad or some shit. I told her about the pistols and that it was hydroponically grown and they're not bad but she didn't want to believe it so she didn't. So later my mom comes in my room with fucking red ass eyes, and she was talking to me weirdly. So I was like "Are you high?" and she was like "No are you?" I said "Uhh no but you are" and she left my room. Lmao my mom fucking smoked my joint, now thats funny shit. I later asked my bro if she actually broke it and showed him and he said "No"

    She tries to use scare tactics to get my away from weed but I proved her wrong. And now she says she doesn't want me to do it because it's illegal.
  6. It is never easy to win those arguements, cause they are so two sided and whatever you believe going into it usually is how it will end... everyone is so stubborn these days.
  7. hahaaha thats SO fucking funny !!!:hello:
  8. That's really a big bummer, but... keep in mind that nobody can ever win arguments in situations like that. I've been in similar situations, and I've found that when my family is freaking out at me, or preaching at me, or ganging up on me, it's best to just take their shit and wait until everyone calms down a bit (this could take days, or weeks). After the emotions aren't so intense is the time to make the "weed isn't so bad" arguments.

    Also, if you're going to present that kind of argument, it would be best to present it professionally. For example, find reputable sources of information, and cite them.

    I don't know how your family works, but maybe some of this advice will apply to you. I'm just trying to help, and I hope for the best for you.
  9. I know how frustrating that is man....its arguing a point with someone when you know theyre 100% wrong and have NO idea what they are talking about, yet they still try to argue their point and just end up looking like idiots. SOOOOO FRUSTRATING.
  10. i can relate to that maybe not to much bout weed becouse my parents do it to but thats way my parents are bout evrything people should be take what other people say into consideration so fuck stay high you should smoked after that argument you had alot more to say than them and they had no real reason why its bad and weed actuly helps produce brain stems its a scientific fact tell your mom to google that shit
  11. Haha i had somewhat of the same fight with my 'rents. After about 2 hours of bitching on how i wasn't going to do anything with my life i just packed my shit and moved out. My sister happly took me in (she lives in frisco) after about 5 months of living with her my parents BEGGED to have me move back if i "just don't smoke in the house". After telling them to fuck off for the 20th time they said "Fine as long as you continue to work and go to school we'll leave you alone". So now im back here and loving it finally they treat me like a godamn son not a fucking "junkie" as they used to say. Because we all know POT makes you a JUNKIE.
  12. I posted a similar thread awhile back with my parents. Yea, because I smoke weed they call me drug adddict and what-not. Dad says that it will ruin my life and I will be a bum, just scraping enough money to go buy more, yea he calls it "dope". Nevermind that I have a suit'n'tie job, graduated with high grades and test scores and am about to attend college. My advice, is to just wait it out and let it be. I have learned the hard way that sometimes, you just cant change their views and beliefs. If you can realistically move out, than go for it. Otherwise, I say just keep everything on the DL and just blaze with the cool bro.

    All in all dont let it get you down man, nothing is forever and soon youll have your own place where you can grow,have tons of bongs everywhere and blaze from dawn to dawn.

  13. My parents get on my case all the time about somking weed. So I thought up this devious plan on what I'm gona do to convince them that smoking is'nt bad. I'm gona leave my computer up one day with all these websites on the true facts about weed. Let them read it all and see what they say.

    I know that they would never listen to me if i told them and if I gave them the websites they would'nt visit them. So thats why I made this plan.
  14. i will try to get my bro to look at some of the sites. i think i COULD get him to listen to me. my mom on the other hand, is so fucking ignorant, she says that weed contains opium (WHAT THE FUCK). background info: my family is from bosnia, 99% of bosnians are stupid cavepeople. id love to move out, but it would be that much harder on me because im trying to go to college and that will allready put a financial burden on me, i cant move out and have to pay for an apartment too.
  15. They have no right to tell you what to do but if its her house and you are living there YOU are the asshole for ignoreing her wishes.

    She still had no right to burn the weed.
  16. my mom pops pills, my bro drinks alcohol and smokes cigarettes (and sometimes even pops painkillers), and IM an asshole for smoking weed? i wouldnt have a problem if they werent such hypocrites.
  17. this reminds me of the millions of familys that argue about drugs, let's face it weed is not that bad but it does side track you, think about every time you smoke a joint or are trying to find weed you COULD be doing something more productive, it's really only if you use weed for pleasure or addict, theres a huge line there. ive smoked weed for 5 years almost everyday and it hasn't done shit for me other then the thousands of pleasurable highs so you have to realize where your mom/bro is coming from, weed is a gateway drug so don't smoke too much that ur senses leave you and ur hand reaches for the other side. Take my advice and smoke around your family very low key, after awhile they will come to grips with it and won't be threatening to kick you out. Don't argue back about how weed isn't bad, it's that whole side of DRUGS that there concerned about, so it really a lost cause. This is the EXACT situation with my parents and like i said the millions of other familys too.
  18. lol they prolly got high just burning that shit

    edit: dont let them fucking tell u what to do with your life, they have no right to tell you whats right and wrong...i mean its your life, not theirs so why do they want to control u anyways.....
    plus they're saying they're "helping" you but they're not making any sense because they dont know what the hell it feels like to be high in the first place and they just wasted crapload of your money...oh yea and you said your bro smokes cigs, thats even more unpleasant to girls than being a pothead cuz cigs smell like shit and his car prolly smells like shit too
    do your thang man /// dont let anyone judge u....
  19. u can't help it... people are ignorant. people who haven't been exposed to marijuana will always be, and will always remain ignorant towards this topic.
  20. my fuckin friend lukass (not a mistake), hes such a douchebag.
    every time 1 of us get pissed off he always say "at least im not stupid enough to do drugs, crackie". weed is not crack! I want 2 beat the shit out of him, we do the coolest shit together.

    u no the movie Big Daddy, how they throw sticks at rollerbladers- dont do that! They get a little mad and r fast. if u do, run! we had 2 run through 4 different stores until 1 wouldnt let him in! he was 5 years older than us, so funny! 1day were gonna get killed!

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