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  1. Here is my rant. I just got out of the military after 4 years on Active Duty, 3 deployments (2 to a combat zone), worked pretty consistently throughout high school (I didnt work during lacrosse seasons). Ive been out for a little over a month and have applied to roughly 2 jobs a day since getting out. I took days off out of complete frustration so I didnt just put in apps. at two jobs then call it a day. I just finished a summer course, and Im currently waiting for the Fall Semester to start where I am taking 4 other classes. Anyway WTF am I doing wrong? I have a resume, competent work experience, for f*ucksake Ive been shot at, blown up and seen some pretty f*cked up shit, why cant I get a job? Yes I have income through the GI Bill, but still I want more money, I hate sitting at home like a loser just watching the world go by, this is BS. I need to smoke :smoke:
  2. AMEN brother :smoke:
  3. It's not just you, it's everyone.

    You've got to spend out dozens and dozens of applications if you want to find something. Sounds a bit extreme but people who need jobs will have to do that lol.
  4. It's like that over here in VA -_-. I'm going to the Marines in about 2 years and was wondering how the whole weed + military goes.
  5. Yeah I was in the Marine Corps, its not that hard to get away with. You just have to know when your unit normally does piss tests, and just dont be stupid about it.
  6. How can you find out when they do piss tests and where do you get it from since you'll be on base or deployed. And they do drug tests while your deployed? I really don't want to turn to alcohol when there :\.
  7. Listen man, its not easy to get away with. If caught, you go to the brig (military jail), you get a dishonorable discharge, which is equivalent to a felony in some jobs. Its just not worth it, if you are that concerned about smoking then don't join the military, Ive seen a lot of dudes get f*cked by getting caught smokin.

  8. The recession has hit the entire U.S. hard, but Florida more so than most states. Right off the bat it's not looking good.

    Also, combat experience doesn't make you a better burger flipper, insurance salesman, what have you. I'm not trying to knock you or anything, but your military past would at best edge you past an otherwise equally matched candidate. Unless you are applying at Blackwater or some shit, most companies will be more interested in how fast you can type than your military past.

  9. Hey bro, thank you for serving. Welcome to the civvie world. It sucks out here in "Obamaville." You may wanna consider the National Guard.
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    My friend went awol from the military. Applied for a job. Got it 2 days later.

    I've applied for about 10 jobs, honorable discharge, in school.

    Ya win some ya lose most. Keep your head up you'll be shinin and grindin soon
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    Man the national guard is weekend soilders. Took me 10 minutes to kill em all on gta!
  12. I think the military background will get him hired easier because he's a guy that knows how to take orders and follow them exactly as asked.
  13. Nope, iv been out of the army for a year and i still havn't got a job.
  14. It's like that everywhere :(
  15. I'm in Orlando, was unemployed for almost two years while chipping away at college. Just takes time. What kind of jobs have you been applying for? I know it's pretty easy for vets to get jobs doing security pretty much anywhere. You might need to go take a course to get certified for some security guard positions though. But the class only takes a day or so.

  16. No.
  17. gtfo. please.
  18. Thats what I thought but FlyingSaucier is right. My past experienced doesn't mean shit unless I get hired for a security job or be a contractor. F*ck that noise, being a contractor is just like being in the military except you get paid a lot more.

    @Al Borland I took a 2 week course to get certified as a bartender and the majority of jobs I first applied for were for that but no luck. Also, did security jobs but my school schedule just gets in the way.

    In the end, I just gotta suck it up and smoke a j because there are a lot of people in way shittier situations then me :smoke: kinda feel like a douche bitchin like I did...
  19. Try looking in a different area in florida. My mom was having trouble finding a job around us and as soon as she went out west a little further, the first app she sent in, she got the job [she was searching for a job for 2 months].
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    You weren't bitching, just venting and looking for new ideas bro. No apologies necessary

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