WTF Early Amber????

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  1. Need a bit of help here:
    Plant is a mystery fem from MSNL (photo)
    Light is a Nextlight Mini (White LED)
    Soil grow
    Canna Terra Nutes
    41 days since the flip

    Now I am beginning to see Amber on the Buds and fattening has not even started yet..WTF is going on here??
    Early Amber????

    8-21-17  Mystery.JPG ..

  2. I usually harvest at 60 days at almost full amber. Fattening wont happen for you... Maybe not enough light

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  3. Thanks but There is a ton of light..Nextlight Mini + a UnitFarms UFO80..
    I used the NL Mini last grow and it was superb..The UF UFO80 is an unknown but the NLM is the light over this plant..Here is a picture of the NLM ..The tall ones on the right are GDPs and the ones on the left are 00 Kush..In front is the Mystery (7 wks veg)showing amber at 41 days in WAY TOO EARLY IMHO!!
    You can see the dividing line between the Mini and The UF lights..
    Plz note the fat little buggers on the GDPs..LOL
    The nugs lower down are like mini colas themselves and still growing!:)
  4. If they were started from clones than they will finish faster. I had 50 day finish from 2nd generation. And lower production may differ on genetics. Beautiful plants btw

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  5. Thanks again..
    Story about that weird plant..Was supposed to be GDP from MSNL, but obviously not..the ones on the right are though)
    I did take a clone from The real GDP and she took right off..
    Started from seed with a 7 wk veg..Nothing strange until I saw the real GDPs take off..then she looked very small, compact, and with a 1.5" diameter stalk at the base ..All plants got the same Canna Nutes..
    I'm really thinking some kind of Fast Flowering Genetics..Looks like nothing I have been able to find and I have searched a bunch..If this keeps up, I will flush her in 10-14 days ..
    Gonna have to see..Luckily, I decided to take a peek at the trichs or I may have missed the peak..

    Not to confuse things but here is Da Clone..(right side) Vegging in a spare closet until the flower tent frees up..LOL
    8-19-17 full recovery.jpg
  6. That's why trichome color is only part of the harvest time equation.

    90% of pistils will change color and recede, plants will suddenly begin drinking much less, calyxes fatten.

    If you harvest by trichome color alone you'll be missing out IMO.

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  7. Thank you Jerry!!
    That's what I found confusing..No Fattening up of the calyxes ..
    Still gonna watch her closely..If Im harvest too early, it would Fu** up my batting avg..LOL
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  8. 7weeks into flower crop looking sexy bug when I opened up one of the calaxs (sorry cant spell it)there is the beginnings of seed embryo, chop or not ?
  9. Depends on how many you found..Sometimes a plant not pollinated late in flower will throw out a few seeds to insure survival of the species..If you see more than a few nanners of a bunch of seeds..Then chop her down JMHO
    If there only a few..pluck em off!
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  10. Unlike Jerry, I go by trichome color and dont worry much about pistil color. I found pistil developement and color can be a real wild card. Since the trichomes are what we are after, that is what I go by. I would like to hear Jerry comment more on his post. I can use the edification.
  11. That's why I am confused..I always thought it was the Trichs that told the story,..but now..IDK!
    If the colas had fattened up and the calyxes had plumped up + she is still drinking a bunch..What a bunch of contradictions..
  12. I agree with Jerry. The plant must be judged as a whole. The amount of amber in your sample is going to vary wildly depending on where you take the sample. Take it from the very tip top colas and it will be 20% amber at 7 weeks depending on the plant. Take your sample from mid canopy and you'll have way less of a percentage.

    There are some strains that finish with a significant percentage of white pistils. Namely the skunk and haze based strains occasionally. For the most part though a mature plant that is ready for harvest will have next to no new white pistils on the main tops. Further down the plant you will have new pistil activity but the main tops should be fairly inactive at harvest.

    I don't even look at trichome color anymore. I know how long they've been in bud. I watch how much they feed. A plant that's done will also slow way down in fed consumption towards the end. I watch the pistil activity and I watch the leaf color/posture. I'll look at the trics for fun but they have little to do with when I chop.

    The amber glands are just the oldest ones. The plant continues to grow new ones as it adds bud tissue. New ones that are grown must be given time to turn cloudy to reach peak potency. If it requires a few more ambers to be around to get the most bud out of the plant it doesn't bother me.

    I've yet to be disappointed or feel like I ruined a plant by letting it go an extra week or two. I find that many people have this attitude that you might just miss out on when it's best and the weed is going to suck after that. I've just never found that to be the case. I'm always glad I waited not the other way around.
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  13. Thanks to all..feeling better about my decision to let her continue on!
    The Bird.gif
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  14. There's simply no way a plant is mature for harvest when more than half of the pistils are white and especially at 41 days - no matter what trichome a are showing.

    @Tbone Shuffle gave great advice - always better waiting that extra time if there's any doubt whatsoever. I'll often wait that extra week or two even when I will try and tell myself it's ready and am ALWAYS glad I did. Nugs can really gain so much density those last few weeks and they really pack on flavors and aromas.

    Give me nugs that have gone the extra mile any day...

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  15. 7weeks into flower crop looking sexy bug when I opened up one of the calaxs (sorry cant spell it)there is the beginnings of seed embryo, chop or not ?
    thanks for the info ,just trying to hang it out as last time I cut a bit early the girls just didn't live up to other potential, my whole grow room kept shorting out when I was 3 weeks into flower ,mucked up the 12/12 ,think I might be seeing the effects of that light disruption
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  16. OH..That may have been the culprit..If your lighting schedule was damaged..may have stressed the girls..Just be VERY vigilant..You are 100% right on..Early Harvesting WILL mess up your potency and yield too.
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    Thanks buzzer. Tbone, and Jerry. Ill wait a week or two longer from when I feel its time and see what is what. Thank you for the education. I have always used pistils for determining when to start looking at trikes but I will have more of a total plant approach on this now. For instance I have blackberry now but not sure if it's blackberry kush or blackberry. The flower time for each is very different. It will b a good test.
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  18. Have you experienced all clones finishing faster? How much on average?
  19. It takes me a week to fully harvest a plant as well many times so there's a delay there even after I decide it's time. The most mature main tops come down in the first cut and the others get a few more days as the colas come down one at a time.
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  20. On that batch they vegged in very small about 2.5 l pots and didn't have more then 4 colas. And uppotted them together. Fed only water. Cut the garden at once they were all amber at day 50

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