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Wtf does "snap" mean

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JJmatix, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. i hear it being used but this is a term i never understood. what does it mean?

    ive heard people say "pack me a snap" before and in other contexts
  2. A snap (or snapper) is usually the process of packing a bowl (usually a bong) with just enough weed to take it in ONE big hit, and pull through the ashes.

    It's called a snapper because when all the weed is smoked, and it is just pure ash in the bowl, it will pull through the downstem because there's no longer any solid product in there, and make sort of a suction, or "snapping" sound as the seal breaks and the ash is pulled through.

    it's usually done with a bong because when you snap through the ashes, they go into the water rather than your mouth. Pulling through ashes on a dry pipe will result in a lot of nasty tasting product in your mouth because there's no water barrier to catch all the solids, so they go right into your mouth, and if your lucky, into your lungs.
  3. ^^^^

    Packing snappers saves me bud when im smoking by myself, and your always getting a fat greens hit. I do everything he said except pull ashes threw into water to help keep bong clean a little longer.
  4. when you place your fingers together and "snap" them!!! no but what they said above snaps are great for low smell as well because there is no smoke escaping from the bowl
  5. snap snap snap
  6. my circle of stoners, i dont know about anyone else, we call them a "punch" too.

    a punch is also when you pull the very last hit of a multi-hit packed bowl, and pull the ashes through as with a snapper.

    on the last hit of a bong bowl, we will always tell the next person in the rotation to "punch it" or "snap it" if we know they are getting the last hit from the bowl.
  7. snap
    a small amount of weed to be smoked from bong or peice, usually only enough for a good-sized hit.

    source: urban dictionary
  8. snaps: individual bowl hit.Ment not to leave any more bud. everyone takes a green hit.

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