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WTF did I just smoke.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dalulz, Aug 13, 2011.

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    My dealer gave me a gram of this stuff for free. I looked at it it was frosty white and you could barely see the green because it is so covered in trichs. So I went home and smoked three bowls which was all of it. It started off as a weed high. Then half an hour later I felt I was literally transported to a different universe. I looked around my room and it looked like I was in an alien jungle and out of nowhere green smurfs started building houses and farming in front of me. I was like "holy shit this is not normal" so I kneeled on the floor and bowed to them. The smurfs started dancing and singing around me. They said they would spare me if I would serve them by helping them build their village so I did (when I sobered up I noticed my room was so clean and I must have cleaned it thinking I was building houses). Everything slowly faded as my high died down. Before the last smurfs left Papa Smurf shook my hand and he started floating up and he left. Everything just clicked from that weird experience to a weed high again. I looked at the clock and only 10 minutes past when it felt like literally a whole day. After that I went to Taco Bell and ate 4 burrito supremes and a can of Monster. Was it laced because it felt more real than reality, can't explain how everything was like.
  2. thats some fuck'd shit

  3. I'm not full of shit I really experienced this I called my dealer said he smoked some of it after I left and said he started hallucinating
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    Holy shit, if I was into signatures this would be mine. Fucking epic, definitely laced with some hallucinations compulsive cleaning, 30 min to kick in..acid perhaps?

    EDIT:Just noticed the 10 the whole thing fast so I though you said whole day. Acid doesn't last 10 mins.
  5. That's some crazy stuff right there if that actually happened. Not saying it didn't, I'm just skeptical
  6. acid on weed wouldnt make you trip like that. it takes ALOT of acid for that to happen.
  7. maybe PCP? i heard that makes you hallucinate and would explain the frostiness of the nugs since its white.
  8. Nah PCP fucks you up, distorts reality, doesn't let you shake papa smurfs hand.
  9. Typical Friday night in the apprentice tokers section.

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  10. SOunds like a salvia trip.
  11. Nug description: very white covered in white hairs with some red hairs. Surprisingly easy to break up and stuck to your hand very easy. Very faint fruity green smell. Doesn't smell dank at all but one hit and I felt it right after I exhaled.
  12. These two posts just made my night. I lol'd so hard I cried.
  13. sounds like salvia but if you stood up and moved around no because with salvia your stuck you just sway back and forth no walking around the rool
  14. Sorry man, I gotta say i still think your full of shit. I mean, maybe not but wtf? And as far as i know you cant ingest acid by combustion so yeah.. either way id lay off that shit. lmao.
  15. he prolly had some potent salvia in there too, that explains the 10 minute trip
  16. yep, salvia or your a troll
  17. Herbal incense called "7h" looks like frosty popcorn Lil shaky buds. WORSE time of my fucking life!!!PERIOD
  18. Maybe DMT, now that shit can fuck you up. Lacing weed with it isn't unheard of but the sheer cost of it would make that improbable.
  19. Yea it's not real practical to lace weed with a super expensive drug. Why not just sell the dmt?

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