wtf did I do to my iso

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    First time using a product ( I would just iso my grinder) I used 22 grams of shake. This is what happened, it vame out kinda black and gooey. I let sit for 30 secs and then shaked for 15

    *EDIT* Shit I posted this in the wrong forum sorry

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  2. soooo...
    hows it smoke?
  3. The key to qwiso is to keep the alcohol that is straining through the coffee filter as still as possible.

    Make a little stand for it. The less it moves around the less shit gets through the filter the blonder your iso will be :smoke:
  4. It was ok I guess, I put it ontop of bowls with weed. I used cheese clothe and pushed on it to strain it all out, Maybe that is why it turned black.
  5. You gotta strain it through coffee filter after the cheese cloth

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