wtf did i do please help lol

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dirwin, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. ok umm to start with ok this is my first time growing anything so this could be completly normal i dont know but anyways lol
    i germenated my seeds between papper towels and it only took 1 1/2 days to get a stem thingy coming out of it so i planted it in a dixie cup first by umm putting the soil making hole but i didnt drian the soil first so yea i figured i could just drian the soil well the seeds in there probly bad mastake ok so anyways in like 3 days its tap root came out of the bottom of the dixie cup so i figured i would transplant it to something bigger so i put it in a 2lt pepsi bottle yea i know im going to have to transplant agian to something bigger but i had nothing at the time and was desperate to get it out of the dixie cup ok but now on like day 7 its stem has grown out of the soil and is well very long and well there is only like i guess 4 flowers or pedals dont rember what there called heres some picks sorry i umm am high right now lol so i dont know how good my english is

    this is day 3 when probelm started this top view
    this is the bottom view with tap root coming out bottom of dixie cup
    ok omg this is the problem is this stem suppost to be this long? lol

    this is the top or the stem please tell me it is atleast dope

    im open to any suggestions on how to fix this keeping in mind that im broke tell next thursday
  2. I do not see any pictures?
  3. damn that mofo is strecthing put some light on that ASAP prefarrabely(I can never spell that right) flourescent lights and place it as close as you can
  4. lmfao ok so i was right that aint normal eh
    well i guess its not as easy as putting the seed in soil lol

    ok now i got it about 1 inch away from the light is that to close though?
  5. Definitely stretching. What kind of lighting are you even using? I suggest you read a few grow guides so you know what is, and what is not normal.

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