Wtf dc?

Discussion in 'General' started by theboss723, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Hey blades I live in DC and dank is 60 a 1/8 for most, 50 a 1/4 for mids but i have the hookup. So why so expensive? Ive heard its the same in NYC but really is the whole East coast getting worked on tree?
  2. hell yea, sc is 60 a 8th dank, 30 a quater mids, and I got the hookup here. mids so good when people want to match loud i just buy the 30 a q and they try to buy it from me!
  3. C'mon guys...

  4. I know man Im smoking mids right now, I can get reggie for 100 an O too, but the lowest I can get loud is 50 an 1/8.
  5. Dank ia 655-60 a 8th in jerz

  6. Learn to enjoy reggies

  7. I cant fade that 2 grams to get high weed, thats why I like mids.
  8. I live in Fredericskburg, rode my bike to DC the other day . . . . holla at me on the PM tip

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