WTF?! Can this be possible?!

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  1. One of my tiny plant showed male balls on his 32th day from seed under 24/0 lighting!

    He had a very stressful lifetime though. Low humidity, high heat, rooting problems, low nutrition and LST! Haha he was my test subject nad now he's useless (i think).

    He was a bagseed though and i dun mind loosing him that much but this is so strange. How come can he show sex this early and with 24/0 light schedule?! Can stress cause this?

    Here are some pics for you to confirm if they are really balls or just my imagination (i hope :p)


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  2. yep looks like a boy. It could be an auto flowering strain. Its in their genetics to be able to flower even with lights on 24 hours a day. It comes from being crossed with Ruderalis somewhere along the line.
  3. Yep hauge set of testies. My girls showed sex in 3 weeks on 18/6. But I don't think it's all that uncommon.
  4. what amazes me is that he wasn't even mature enough to show sex. he's only 4" tall, lol.
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    Yeah, very tiny. How cool would it have been if it were a girl with little tiny nugs
  6. I veg 24/0 and I usually wait until I see pre-flowers to flip them to 12/12

    It's usual for a plant to show you its "goodies" when its sexually mature, no matter what lighting schedule is.

    Thats a dude, dude :(
  7. Old ass article from '03 but still good -> The return of Ruderalis | Cannabis Culture Magazine "Return of Ruderalis"
  8. keep it for bredding, might be a dominant male.
  9. I'd keep the pollen too, early males make early females :)

  10. really ??:confused: you want a male that only grows half the size of your palm in 32 days, as a breeding specimen?
  11. I am a newbie grower, see, i can't even manage to grow them - let aside breeding them. I think I am gonna isolate him, probably move him to my pc growcase, to see what he'll turn into.

    Thanks for the replies, btw.
  12. He's a HE!


  13. Yeah, many times you get the early trait. There is far far more variability in crosses than you'd imagine. I cross mostly for taste, males of smallness and early or lateness often are the one i pick due to the intensity of the smell (potential for taste is correlated) for the pollen and you don't always see the other traits you don't want in the offspring... plus i'm only looking for a decent clone, not a family line 5 generations of backcrossing deep. Early is often small, as early often has the ruderalis in it's background, and it's a donimant trait for early sexing because of the lack of real need for a photoperiod by the strain type, but the smallness isn't dominant and you can cross it with a WW that is 4 ft high and get seeds with lots of variability, but size can be reselected and recrossed if you like big plants...anyway, yes, early with most other traits is ok. and you can grow many more fast small plants to one longer life big one, and reap the same amount of buds... just different methodology.

  14. If you don't breed, kill it and start again. You are looking for a female.

    ....and to the above poster, they usually aren't half the size of your palm in 32 days, with enough light the auto's are a foot high and just one single cola... i found a variety i really like and have growing, and i have been trying to clone it.... and guess what, fucking ruderalis plants don't like being cloned. Damned plant.

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