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WTF at peoples attitude to hip hop on this forum

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Mr Stoned, Jun 2, 2009.

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    I just read a disgusting thread called 'Best Rapper Currently In the Business Right Now' and the replies people were posting made me want to run to the nearest sink and violently vomit into it.

    There is barely anyone in that thread who knows what true hip hop is. I've seen a few refreshing posts naming artists like Canibus, KRS1, Atmosphere, Z-Ro, Wu Tang etc. But most people don't have a fucking clue.

    To the OP: Kid Cudi is wack as fuck. The only track I remotely like by him is Day N Nite which as far from rap as Stairway to Heaven is from reggae. The OP's prattling on about Cudis 'freestyles' which he probably prewrote and even if he didn't, are average as fuck. The only emcees I've heard that could geniounly freestyle better than most artists could write were Rakim and Big L. I'm sure there are more but who gives a shit about freestyling? There is NO ONE who can freestyle anywhere near as well as a GOOD emcee can WRITE.

    As for people naming Loyd Banks, Tony Yayo and Gucci as the greatest emcees alive, you disgust me.

    • I have more money than you
    • I am physically stronger than you
    • I am more physically attractive than you
    • I have sex with more beautiful women than you
    • I have more credibility as a gangster/drug dealer than you
    • I am a better fighter than you and your entourage
    • My album is predicted to be more lucrative than yours
    • I wear a large amount of jewellry and drive expensive cars

    Seriously, how in the name of God can you possibly rate these garbage spewing talentless personifications of mediocrity as THE BEST RAPPERS ALIVE!? It's like saying The Jonas Brothers are a better rock band than Led Zeppellin. It's like saying Dan Brown is a better writer than Steven King. It's like saying that Billy fucking Nobrush is a better artist than Michelangelo Carravagio. Listen to some REAL hip hop, some true talented artists who are masters of the metaphor and encapsualate lyrical greatness in their mind blowingly well constructed verses. Let me name you some REAL good hip hop artists. Bearing in mind, I'm judging emcees on their BEST work. For instance, judging Eminem on the Slim Shady Lp rather than Encore and Canibus on Rip the Jacker rather than Hollywood Stories. Also, I have missed many names out as I am just naming a few very good emcees, it is a far from exhaustive list.

    Canibus (Rip the Jacker is, in my opinion, the greatest hip hop album ever made)
    Sage Francis
    Gangstarr (Moment of Truth is my fave hip hop album ever)
    Wu Tang Clan
    A Tribe Called Quest
    Nas (Illmatic was arguably the greatest hip hop album ever depending on your viewpoint)
    Blue Scholars
    Blu and Exile
    Immortal Technique
    Brother Ali
    De La Soul
    Eminem (pre Encore)
    Jeru the Damaga

    And thats just to name a FEW. Seriously, there is a multitude of good emcees that don't get heard because they're not marketed. Turn off the radio and get on or even fucking amazon listmania. They know way more about hip hop than the billboard charts.

    I wouldn't mind if people were saying 'I PREFER these wack emcees because I dislike the complexity of Canibus' lyrics, and prefer listening to he soothing sound of these wannabe gangster negros droning voice and monosyllabic content.' But they didn't say that. They said 'these blatantly wack emcees are the GREATEST artists currently alive in the hip hop genre.' Well sorry guys, fuck you very much.
  2. dawg, u need to calm down. underground hiphop is completely different than mainstream. most of the artists on ur list are underground. i hate how people who listen to the underground trash the mainstream, without even giving it a chance. its your own opinion but dont go around neg repping people for there choice in something lol

    but i will give u that gucci mane is terrible
  3. Who cares if it's underground or mainstream? It's all the same genre. Eminems albums The Slim Shady LP and Marshal Mathers LP were multi platinum selling albums which invariably classed them as mainstream, yet they were still amazing records. Gang Starr were classed as mainstream when they made 'Moment of Truth,' which is one of the greatest hip hop albums ever made. I've given mainstream a chance, it's just that 99% of it is garbage.

    And yes it does wind me up a lot. I don't care how much -rep I'll invevitably get for this. I'm speaking my views and I know that virtually everyone who truly appreciates hip hop will agree with me to a large extent, if not fully.
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    The only reason people listen to that garbage is because they don't have a clue what they are missing... 3:29+

    [ame=""]YouTube - Wu-Tang Clan - 7th Chamber Part II[/ame]
  5. I couldn't agree with you more. However, there is no way youre going to be able to change the fact that people have thier own opinions on artists. The only thing you can really do is to try to turn them onto better artists like the ones you have listed. So until they actually hear and see the difference, they will never know.

    dont know if that made any sense, too high.
  6. this is real hip hop

    [ame=]YouTube - Plies-Da Realist-Plenty Money[/ame]
  7. ^ This had better be a joke.
  8. i went through a phase where all i cared about was underground hip hop, i was the biggest backpacker ever. thank god i grew out of that haha.

    but my favorite rap record ever is Run DMC's self titled. nothing beats it.

  9. I'm cool with opinions. Shit I love bands like Brand New, Rise Against and Taking Back Sunday but I appreciate that they're not as talented as the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Metallica whom I also love listening to.

    It's just when people come into threads saying 'FUCK YOU LIL WAYNE IS THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE HE SHITS ON ANY RAPPER ALIVE DON'T NONE OF Y'ALL FUCK WITH ME I KNOW MY SHIT!!!' It really pisses me off when people express their highly uneducated opinion as factual. I know I'm doing the same to a degree, but I've listened to hundreds of hip hop albums in my time, both mainstream and underground, so (call me arrogant if you wish) I consider myself to have a fairly educated opinion on the subject.
  10. whats in my pocket dawg???big face huuudreds!!!!!!!

    naw im just fuckin around but some yall need to get off that lyrical underground shit sometimes and just blast some stuntin music for the whip

    i mean when your at a party do you think the bitches are gonna get loose to immortal teqniqe and canibus? lol
  11. why do white people listen to rap? most of it is by black artists, directed to a black audience. i'm sure all my white homeboys can answer this for me.

  12. I agree completely, people just need to realize it like that. Not claim that that shit is inherently "better" music. I find that music is very situational and there is a big difference in solo and group music.
  13. Aha there's a time and a place my friend. Men lower themselves to DISGRACEFUL degrees for poon, so enduring some 'GUNZ GUNZ MONEH MONEH' in the name of some good ole bump and grind is a necesarry sacrifice.
  14. all I hear is "ooooOOROooORiiiinnnn goooomoOoOoorrriiinnn" and a beat made by someone else in the background.
  15. Well I think if black people enjoy eminem, I am not gonna judge them. And if i (a "white" person) listen to black artists I don't think I should be judged either...

  16. man.. thats like the dumbest thing i've ever heard. name one thing that could apply to black people that couldnt possibly apply to white people. we're both living in a world full of bullshit.
  17. who do I see black people at metal concerts? It's all mutual my friend.
  18. Yeah definitely. I saw some thuggish looking black men at The Stranglers gig who loved the band just as much as any white man. The kind of attitude Shambala is demonstrating isnt a million miles away from the one that resulted in the slave trade and the holocaust. Once you start putting limitations on what races can and can't contribute, there's no limit to what kind of racist mentality you might develop. At one point black people were discouraged from playing football. Was that a good thing? Fuck no, if only white people played football, there's have been no Pele, no Ronaldinho, no Henry and well... no worldwide obbsession with the sport.

  19. what about if im mexican? or japanese? or indian? RACE SHOULDNT MATTER
  20. It's our attempt at being cool.

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