WTF are those... pine needles?

Discussion in 'General' started by Palmer Eldritch, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. while this is just a typical anti marijuana propaganda article (except blacking out, who the hell blacks out smoking weed?), the picture caught my eye. what the fuck are those people smoking?
  2. What a stupid news article.
  3. LOL! good catch haha, it looks like someone picked some weeds from their front yard mixed it with some blades of grass and threw it down for the picture haha
  4. i just read the headline, gave it a chuckle, and closed the window. But, maybe it's just straight up hairs, the true dank stuff only hypocrites can get their hands on
  5. Thanks for the chuckle.
  6. wow, no wonder if they smoked that. It doesn't look like bud I'd smoke, ever.
  7. I don't know what the fuck those articles are based on, except pure speculation.

    Look at the facts.
  8. ahahahahha thats hilarious lmao + rep dood
  9. they must be smoking dog poop and rolled it in leaves
  10. looks like some lawn grass and pine needles
  11. looks kinda like chives & pine needles.

    Maybe thats why they think its a bad thing- we need to send them some real pot to smoke.
  12. that cant be real bud, and if it is....theres no more than .0000001 percent thc, you'b be better of smoking hemp
  13. haha what the fuck is that? maybe they couldnt show real weed but dam, people BLACKING out from weed?? ooook
  14. its too bad regular news sites aren't set up wiki style where the reader could post up parallel stories for contrasting (and truthful) views. Its so frustrating to see such blatant lies and know some people are going to fall for it.

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