wtf are these!

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  1. help please seen these i know the pics suck but there small bodied things with big wings...4 of them i killed..
  2. here pics sorry

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  3. somebody say somthing?spidermite females?
  4. cant say for sure and this probably sounds dumb but they look like termites but I have only seen termites once when I was a kid but thats my guess and its just that a guess !!
  5. ahh i've seen those before, they are flying ants
  6. ur ok they r flying ants they will not harm ur plants..peace
  7. They aren't mites or whiteflies.

    They will probably still eat your plants (most bugs eat plants), but may not be particularly good at it.
  8. I know its late to answer but those are termites. I've seen them before and they always die right in front of the windows. At least my uncle told me they were termites. He has that same problem and he grows major.
  9. not to shoot the termite theorey down butt imo dont they have longer bodies? cause the bodies are small and the wingspan is twice the size of the body idk no bug expert jsut scared i turned all my lights off cept 1 and they swarmmed to it.. haha
  10. those are bugs :p

    it's really hard to tell by your blurry pics but they could be termites. In my experience though, termites are more prone to crawl around than fly at a light. I have seen a lot of termites lately, i would imagine it is that time of year.

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