wtf am i doing wrong?

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  1. i cant seem to get from a seedling to a plant. ive tried several times and they just wither away and die in soil... i need help... I germ them in paper towels. They all split, so i put em in dirt, and immediately under my 48w of t5 for now. One seed had the first set of leaves damn near already sprouted last night, this morning, its dead.... Why cant i get a plant started??? i have all the right supplies, soil, ro water, t5, fans, HELP!!!!! i did use miracle grow soil just for getting the seedlings started, and ill get FF when i pick the 1 plant i wish to grow. Never have any luck w/ feedback on here, so im not holding my head too high, but i do need help.

    Pls dont refer me to stickys and shit, trust me ive read and re read. I just dont know how to get started successfully, and i have no more seeds to try this out on. so basically im fucked.
  2. I have a feeling you aren't planting them deep enough in the soil. is the stem
    light/white or a good green? and how long is the taproot when you plant them?
  3. miracle grow and foxfarm= nearly worthless. source your seedling mix and transplant mix for mature plant from your local independent organic nursery. you should read the stickis in the organic growing section it might give you a lead on better soil .. good luck.
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    Well most people like to start a seedling in a peat moss medium, or something similar, like those pellets. It's very light soil and the seedling has the strength to pop through the soil...however, I usualy germ and just stick them in regular Fox Farms soil...the trick is to keep your humidity very very high, like 55-70% rh during the seedling stage.

    So what I do the first week and a half is spray the shit out of each of my seedlings, this is a tedious job, especially when you start in larger pots, like I had to do my current auto grow, I sprayed three to four times a day, kept the soil nice and wet (did not water, just sprayed the top of the medium and the seedling).

    All my seedlings pop no problem, I have never had a problem, even in the rough Fox Farms soil. Good luck.

    *Also further into zrubs point, you want to put the germed seedling deep enough to set itself, but not deep enough to sprout under the soil...I usually use a tip of a pen then place the seedling in there with cleaned tweezers, again I never have any problems after this point.
  5. lets see here, i know 3 were barely showing, i saw a little knub of a root, but 3 others were long, white, and a little green toward where the leaves form/seed breaks.

    i planted em like 1/2 in or so in the soil. give or take. it wasnt tooo deep. i dont think,
  6. didn't read you were using miracle grow. That probably isn't helping but I have a feeling it is because they are not planted deep enough, or you are germinating for to long
  7. I think humidity is my problem.... Only thing is, the room where this is going down, is one where a saltwater tank is in, Its either my fish are happy, or my plant.... damn. Im in a pickle here. I think i fucked up guys. Damnit!!!
  8. I germed for 2 days. in a rubbermaid container and paper towels. i made a hole with a pencil, about twice the length of the graphite... so i would say about 1/2" or so....

  9. should be planting them 1-2" imo
  10. wtf, for real? ive read that 1" is plenty, and going too deep is worse than not deep enough. dude this is so frustratiing
  11. yea they definitely need to be deeper than that. At least now you know why they are always dying. hopefully that will help the frustration ha. Were these just bagseed or special order?
  12. yea, i also didnt put a bag, or anything over the cups to retain moisture.

    Bagseed. lol im not that dumb to buy seeds yet. lmao. thanks for the responses, sorry i doubted this communiuty. haha

    next time, i will plant at 2" in and was it right to throw them under the t5's when i planted them, or should they have been in soil in the dark, then under lights? i mean i know im gonna have to put those fuckers in the garage where humidity is like off the charts. lol my room has like none.
  13. Humidity or how deep you're planting the germed seed isn't your problem. Miracle grow soil is your problem.
  14. well fuck. awesome. I was going to a HTG supply store, but theyre closed on sundays, and the plants needed soil. I think having them in miracle grow for 2 weeks, isnt a problem... i could be mistaken but that just doesnt seem viable to me... idk
  15. the problem with miracle soil is, it has time released fertilizers. The fertilizers are in these tiny balls that release the ferts when contact with moisture is made. There is too much fertilizer in miracle grow. It cooks your seedlings.
  16. miracle grow is loaded with corrosive chemicals that are highly toxic to animals, including worms and microbes such as soil fungus, and bacteria, etc. Even the organic MG soil is loaded with nasty shit like bone, blood, and meat meals, waste from the CAFO industry that is treated with chemicals all along the way. Not certified very often = NOT organic.. want to plant seeds in it? ? good luck!
  17. True, well fuck you miracle grow, you look so appealing on tv. Theyre marketing dept is impeccable. Well damn, looks like i have to start over again. Sweet, now i need more seeds....
  18. Sounds gnar. Love that i put my seeds in nuclear soil... sweet. wtf. lol
  19. Yea some strains can handle miracle grow and others can't.

    And as far as planting not deep enough, just how do you think plants grow in nature? The seeds don't dig 2" holes for themselves. The seeds simply fall on the ground and shoot their taproot into the ground. I always plant a germed seed 1/2" into my soil. Never had a seed not break ground or die shortly after.
  20. Thanks to all whom chipped in. Looks like ill have to grab some more seeds from my boy, and get to HTG when theyre open and get some FF soil. Which would you guys use for my grow... Its gonna be one plant, in a 5 gallon bucket with 100W of t5 lighting. Should i go with ocean or the frog? or should i use a diff one?

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