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  1. First of all I dont know if this is allowed or if there is already a thread for things like this somewhere but if so tell me and I will delete this thread.

    Im looking for a nice piece in the price range of $30-50 range, something like a glass spoon pipe or a medium sized bubbler or a medium sized bong. I would just order one off of GC but I don't really like any of their pieces and im getting tired of smoking joints everyday (broke my bong r.i.p. :( ) I cant go to a headshop because... well there isnt one in my small town haha.

    I will pay cash or electronic payment, stoners are generally really nice people so im not worried about someone stealing my money and not sending the piece... but if that happens il tell a moderator, no biggie.

    PM me if your interested in selling and include a picture of the piece :wave:
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    Google around for pieces. You should easily be able to find a cheap spoon or bong online but posting competition sites is against forum rules so the research is in your hands.

    And on buy/sell/trade glass forums, the forum is not responsible for stolen money/glass so a mod wouldn't be able to help you.

    Or just roll up blunts. :)

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