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  1. Ya this strain seems to foxtail. Trichs are mostly cloudy with few ambers. I think they should be ready after a few days of flush. We will see tho
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  2. Making a note for myself
    Just started flush.
    Will most likely harvest tops Sunday/Monday
    Then give the bottom stuff another week
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  3. Outdoor girls photos
    B82E3FB9-9024-4324-8AE1-35EE793FCE88.jpeg CEF8ED3A-C9B9-4B94-93F8-030E93FBED92.jpeg
    Probably going to chop and hang sometime today. Probably use most of them for bho. Also will be chopping some top colas from the tent ladies.
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  4. Trimmed most of the ladies in the tent.
    Little leftover that I’ll let go for another week or so
  5. Couple bud shots
    64F45A9A-B2E0-4EE3-BC15-C2F214668B7E.jpeg A11A2F74-E580-4569-8109-2FAF69BC356A.jpeg
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  6. Everything harvested and curing
    Just gearing up for my next grow.
    Bought a 320w qb kit for my 4x2
    Going to flower 4 ww and 3 clones that a buddy gave me in my 5x5.
    Plan on flowering 4 cherry pie clones in my 4x2.
    Both grows I’m going to scrog.

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  7. Scrog starting

    Veg tent
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  8. 4x2.5 tent
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  9. Little veg pic update
    Nothing too exciting
    Thinking flip in 2 weeks
    Hopefully the scrog will be pretty full by then.

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  10. Pic update

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  11. Little tent is getting close to flip
    Took a ton of leaves off both tents last night
    Still waiting for the big tent to fill out a bit more
  12. Been putting a lot of work into lollipopping.
    I think they’re ready for flower which I am going to start tomorrow. Should probably fill out the screen some more but I am also throwing a 7th plant in the 5x5 to help fill out that empty space in front.
    Some fresh pics tonight

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  13. Little growth going on. Probably start spacing my pics out to about every week.


    New toy
  14. Update
    Happy New Years!

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