Wrote a final exam that I do not remember.

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  1. So the week that we had the final Language Art exams, my buddys parents were out of town so I stayed the night at his house and in the morning we had the reading comp multiple choice exam. Me and him smoked about 2 gs each, out the the gravity bong. Man you try smoking 2gs out a g bong and i guarantee youll be high as bawlz. Anyways, i get into his car, we smoke a fat dub on the way there and we walk into class. I sit down, write my exam and go back with my friend to his house. After passing out for like a few hours, i get up and realize that i dont remember what the fuck was on the exam. Yeah i remember writing it but holy fuck, i couldnt not remember any part of that exam. When we get back our marks, i got a 77 so i was like fuck yeah haha. Not bad for being high as fuck and going to a final :p
  2. haha thats awsome dude
  3. That's nuts man... I'm surprised u didn't knock out lol
  4. Lol i do that all the time. I write papers stoned all the time and I never remember what i wrote- one time I even forgot about the paper. And I get A's like every time. I read it and I'm like man i sound so smart using fucking big words and shit.
  5. Meh Alberta's schooling is easy as fuck.

    I went from BC average of 60%

    To Alberta average 80% graduating 1 early

    And fuck you I'm not gonna argue over my age (18)
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  7. hahah i know man when i get ripped and go write an essay or some form of literature, my writing is just so smooth and like i dont really think about what im writing, my hand does all the work for me :p Hooray for mary jane :D
  8. Haha i love writing papers stoned. It makes it painless haha. I dont remember writing it and its usually pretty decent.
  9. Alberta has one of the best educations in the country...
    And I don't know about the rest of BC, but the Island's education is a gong show.
  10. that's what they say.... But it's not true

    The work difficulty is extremely easy, so most kids pass with flying colors, so they think it's the best.

    Shits wack

    The stuff I learned in BC is all being retaught in the higher grade levels in Alberta.

    BC school is hard as fuck so lots of kids fail, so they think BC's education sucks, but really if the all the students tried there hardest and passed then it would beat Alberta education by a landslide.

    The whole Alberta's education is the best came from the fact that more kids graduate HS in Alberta, not the actually quality of schooling/learning, cause trust me almost everyone of these kids are dumb as fuck,

    I finished 6 tests in 30 minutes all passing the first time in business class here in Alberta, and we are already on our second day doing the tests and people just finished by the bell,

    Me(mostly British Columbian education) : 6 tests - 30minutes
    Them (Alberta education) : 4 tests - 180 minutes!!!

    And I accidentally did 2 extra tests...

    The smartest 'Albertan' in the class failed one test over 4 times, the other three once or twice..

    She finished by the bell at the end of our second block working on it.

    Over half the class still is not done.

    Your argument is invalid sir,


  11. congratulations, you jump through hoops very well...
  12. Naw I just get my shit done.

    Work hard, play harder

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  13. mr smarty pants over there..
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    If you saw me you would think I'm a nazi ready to slice any mofo that gets in my path.

    Not some geeky nerd with glasses,

    It's not that you guys are stupid per say, it's just you guys need to open your mind, expand your horizons and just get what needs to be done, done.

    No offense to you (there are some smart Albertans) I can tell your smart cause your on here ;)

    Like BC everyone wants to party and get baked and just... Live, ask anyone how they feel bout school and they will tell you it's the worst thing ever.

    Here everyone is so focused on working and schooling to get a good job/career which makes them very narrow minded. Which in the end makes them not reach their full potential.

    Everything I just said contradicts each other, but it's true..
  15. All i know is that everyone that i know from BC loves to blaze but i mean cmon, im pretty sure anyone from bc loves to toke up
  16. True true man

    Supposedly the tropical winds from Hawaii, and the fertile soil of the west/mountains combine to make the best climate for growing weed in the world, hence why BC bud is the best in the world.

    I read that somewhere but can't find it now..

    Seems true, cause supposedly Hawaiian weed is really good, and kush comes from the 'Stans (afgh,pak,etc) which is grown in the mountains
  17. And we even though im not in bc, still getting good prices for some unreal green :D
  18. This semester I wrote ALL of my english papers high as shit and never got worse than a 94. :D
    English is not even my first language. I love opposing the typical stoner stereotype.

  19. Hmm i'm just wondering but isn't most of BC bud indoor grown? So the climate wouldn't really matter?
  20. d

    you would be correct, to a point...
    You can still find dank outdoor in bc.

    420guy is just a knowitall.

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