Wrong to throw cigs back into peoples cars?

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  1. So today i was long boarding (ditched my car to save some money and exercise)

    Anyway I was long boarding and i get hit with a cigarette that was thrown form some jerks navigator while he was passing me.I thought it hit me and bounced off but It got caught in my hoodie and burned a hole in it before i noticed. Anyway i notice that they guy is stopped literally 20 feet from me at a red light and instead of throwing his grose cig on the floor and littering (which i hate anyway) I skated up to the car which had the window half down. chucked the cig inside and screamed "throw them away you piece of crap"...

    IDK maybe Ive just smoked a bit too much but i never throw butts on the ground.. I don't even put the guts on the ground and they are almost all natural. I feel like catching up to everyone who throws butts out their car and handing them back to them with a mean look on my face!! (I kinda ran outa inspiration at the end)

    Anyway im done smoking for the night so dont be to harsh if i sound like a fuckin idioit.. Ill catch on as i sober up... (but i believe i may have a point)

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  2. Damn dog, I would have been pissed as hell if a cig butt hit me on the side of the road. You handled it better than I would have. He'd have had my wheels imprinted on the side of his door..
  3. hahah an thts great i would have done that i think that is pretty good comback for getting a hole burnt in your pocket. but i wouldnt turn this into a day to day thing

  4. Well its not like i go looking to get hit with peoples used cigs.... Im not exactly sure what you mean...
  5. nah dude, i dont think you were really in the wrong here, chances are he even has at least one ashtray in his car...
    when i HAVE to throw them out :when there is NO WHERE to put them out in a car: i nvr throw them near people, and if theres a car behind me i always try to either throw them down or as far out to the curb as possible.... had a car's hood catch fire once from a cig of mine landing in some leaves stuck in their wipers...:(
    i offered to pay for any damages though...they told me not to worry about it since i pulled over immediately and helped put out the fire and appologised profusely

  6. When i got hit i was like damn i hope i burn a hole in this guys leather.. But then as soon as i did it i was like damn i hope his car catch fire...
  7. No you were completely right.

    In fact, I have gotten out of my car at red lights, picked up someones butt, and made damn sure I had their attention before flipping them off and throwing it in my ashtray.

    Never got the chance to throw one back in. Someday....
  8. I agree with what you did, but not your reasons.
    Everyone throws their cigs out, and telling him not to once isn't going to stop him. However the cig did burn a hole in your hoody, so for that he deserves to have thrown back at him.

  9. longboarding represent!
    what kind of board do you have?

  10. I have a bunch. I was using a real old school long and flexy sector 9 today, getting my cross step on.
  11. i was riding in the back of my friends truck one day, and his brother smacked me in the middle of the face with one going 60+mph
  12. Ahaha I think he deserved it.
    Sorry about your hoddie. ): But-littered ground is disgusting.
  13. Hell yeah. Throw that right in!

    He deserved it man. You definitely did the right thing.
    I usually watch people drop them, run up and grab it, give it to them and say -
    "Here you go mate. you dropped your butt. I got it for ya mate."

    You get some weird looks and some people really don't like it.
  14. I would have got his plate and called CSP on his ass. CSP means Colorado State Patrol. for you known 303ers
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    wait... whaaat?
    you threw his cig back at him? :confused:

    ohhh. ok, i see what happened there. yeah, that's understandable. hahah
  16. man fuck that if i got hit by a cig i would throw that shit back and give them a mouth full too man.

    yeah funny thing is i saw speeders the tv show and some dude got a 1 thousand dollar ticket for throwing a "item that was on fire" or cig out the window. crazy huh? i guess i've just been lucky. aren't stoges supposed to be thrown out of a window onto the ground. could've sworn that the world was my ash tray. :rolleyes:

  17. Seeing this without seething the edited by part and I was like huh :confused:
  18. Lol, a guy in a convertible tossed his cig out of his convertible, and it somehow landed in my friends car. He then passed the convertible, and started throwing all the trash in his car (which is a lot) out of his sunroof, so that it all landed in the guys convertible. The hot shot in the convertible proceeded to follow my friend, who proceeded to call all his friends - my friend drove back into our neighborhood, and stepped out of his car, as the guy in the convertible stepped out to confront him. All my boys ran out, while simultaneously my friend literally ripped his shirt off in rage screaming and sayin somethin like "you wanna fight!!!!!???" It was mad funny cause my friend is mad small - he told us later he figured he had to try and intimidate him... + he knew all his friends were there. The guy got confused, and saw a mob of other people, so he ended up leaving. Funny as fuck though - I'm not sure who was wrong here... probably both

    and OP, i hate literring... i never do it... ever. My car actually gets filled with trash before i finally clean it out - i plain and simple refuse to litter.
  19. the world is not your ashtray...your ashtray is your ashtray
  20. im the same way, my car gets really trashed

    that story is amazing :D
    plus, way to describe-- i felt like i was watching it as it happened :yay:

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