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Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Oct 5, 2003.

  1. man this is just wrong to watch- my dog got one of those anti barking training collars- emits a sound when he barks. but the thing is that it doesn't do anything when he barks but when he licks his testicles the damn thing goes off. I might have to fiddle with the collar. I hate those things but everyone else in the house wants him to have one cos he barks at almost anything.
  2. LMFAO!!! I know its wrong but that is fucking funny...

    Saying that I can imagine that most women would want one for their boyfriends to stop them scratching their nuts all the time... lol
  3. those things are horrible.
    I mean, the dog has now become a mute. Can't talk, for fear of the horrible noise. How would you like it if someone completely stoped you from talking?!

    I think you should say 'fuck you' too the people that want him to have one on, and smash that fucking thing with a hammer..

    horrible, just horrible.
  4. ^ i'm totally with the cow on this one.
  5. I do agree but I think that if I did that they'd just buy a new one- so I think something a little more subtle is in order.... switch breaks out toolkit...
  6. That shit is so mean. That's all.
  7. I dunno what to do about the whole thing- apparently the neighbours were starting to get all arsy about the whole thing- got the council out to run a noise pollution check. He's happy and not neglected but he just barks constantly at everything. Thing is that their lil bastard son torments him all the time by throwing shit at him- nothing heavy or sharp but still- it winds him up. So Ima try to train him differently and if I see that lil bastard throw anything in future I'm gonna tape it and have me a word with his parents.

    The funny thing is though that the collar doesn't seem to be bothering him in the slightest. Still barks at passers by/shaddows/mice farting in Prague and doesn't really give a shit about the noise.
  8. Noise is better than the shock one.. an old friend got one for her dog, and that poor thing, everytime he even whimpered the thing would go off and shock him right around the neck!!! THAT'S wrong... just my opinion...
  9. i've got shock collars on my dogs to keep them on the property and from roamimg the countryside. It beeps when they get close to the edge and then shocks if they come closer.

    The alternatives were getting run over by passing cars, and getting shot by pissed of neighbors.

    The collars are very effective, but a bitch to install an underground wire around the perimeter of the property

  10. maybe for you they are, but then again, you arn't mute are you?

    if they neglect it, call the human society and they'll snatch that thing up and outta there faster then fuck, two problems solved, no more bad treatment for the dog, and no more pissy obliviot
  11. I have one of those for my dog. She's not smart enough to stick around like our old dog did so we had to get her the dreaded invisible fence. It worked for a while, but now it doesn't seem to bother her. Once I was sitting way out back on the basketball court that's at the edge of her invisible fence smoking a cigar and she came back there because she wanted me to pet her. She came pretty close to me and I heard the collar beeping. Then she stuck her neck out real far, trying to get me to pat her on the head and it started shocking her. She just stood there bobbing her head. I was high as hell and started to geek off of that. It was fucking hilarious. I love my dog and I don't want to hurt her, but if she's standing there taking it with no problem, it's obviously not that bad.

    Plus, one time she ran out of the fence (back when the shock still meant something to her). So I took her collar off and picked her up to carry her back into the yard (part of the training we were doing to make her think she couldn't come and go as she pleased) and as I was crossing the line, the collar flipped over on my hand and shocked me. It's really not a strong shock at all, but it will make you jump. I guess if I wore it all the time, I'd get used to the shock, too.
  12. I know this thread is really old...

    but it was pretty fucking funny
  13. next time the kid throws something at the dog, go out there and throw it back at the kid.
    if your right in saying it isn't sharp of heavy then it shouldn't hurt him too bad...but if it is, then must be hurting the dog so it'll hurt him too...lesson learned for the kid?
  14. if i was a dog,,, id starve to death,,,, id lick my nuts all day,,,

    and if you put a collar around my neck that prevented me from licking my nuts,,,,

    id bite the shit out of you,,,:p

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