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Wrong CFLs?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by TrueBudSmok420, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. umm, ok, well i have two plants growing and they just came into the vegitative state. my friend gave me a cfl, saying that they work very well, and the other day i bought 2 more, but these look orange and the other one looks white. will this effect anything? should i bring them back and get different ones? i noticed the white one says 5000k on it, while the others dont have those numbers on it. much help is very appreciated.
  2. Do you mean they just went into flowering? In veg you want the 5000k-6500k daylight bulbs in flower you want the 2700k (yellow/orange color) bulbs. If you are flowering then you have the right spectrum bulbs if you are in Veg still go back to the daylight bulbs
  3. The orangeish one should be used in flowering use more of the whiter blueish one but I use to mix it a tiny bit.
  4. im confused on what the picture is of. it looks like something my girl does with some crazy photoshop. i like it, but i dont see any specific plant. anyway go to home depot/lowes (depending on if thats an option) and get the 4 pack of 6500K "daylight" bulbs for $10. and grab 2 of the 5 1/2 inch "clamp lamp" for $6 a piece. then, youre set.
  5. ok, you guys know how regular bulbs have a orange glow to them but the cfl daylights have a white look to them? thats what im talking about, and i knew the orange ones are used for flowering, but i was wondering if i can use the orange lite for the plants vegging state
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    Thank you very much, cuz i was wondering about lights

    -thats my signature pic, it has a crapload of bud plant pics on it with the "fire" effect, then my name, i had to make it small but when its bigger, its a cool graphic

    P.S., u guys want me to post what my plants looks like?

    P.S.S., i have 3 bulbs on right now, and 2 plants. one daylight 14w cfl, the others regular 13w cfls

  7. IMO you need way more wattage than that.. at least 100w per plant, you are totaling 40w for 2 plants.

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