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    Does writing while high give you good ideas? I have to write a small thing for English, 500 words on adolescence. I'm wondering if it would be a waste of time getting high or is it something I should try? Obviously I would edit it sober but would it help spark an idea suitable for English class? I know certain artists get high to help with their inspiration but I would like to know if anyone has personal experience with writing high.
  2. LOL. 500 words... Anyways, Just write up some stuff sober, then get high, go over it again and add in stuff when it comes to you, then edit it when sober.
  3. This this this this this:smoke:

  4. I told you it's small, nah once I get an idea going I'm fine, I just wanted to see if getting high would get me some ideas I could write down then finish it sober.
  5. hahahah dude i need to study so i got high then opened up all my homework assignments on my comp and graded them. now i got to be a teacher and i studied! while high! win!

  6. This is the best advice ever given on this forum. lol.
  7. makes it easier.
  8. I'm good at programming while high. Let's me see new ways to tackle a problem.
  9. I'm good at learning when I'm high ... but if I learn it high, I've got to take the test high. If I learn it sober I've got to take the test sober.

    But thankfully I'm done with school. :D
  10. I've come up with some great algorithms/flowcharts high. To turn it into actual code I usually have to be pretty sober.
  11. english is awesome because its one of the classes u SHOULD be blitzed for. i love writing high its like ur mind and pencil are connected with no barriers inbetween
  12. Man writing while high for me is like a fucking roller coaster through my imagination, it's fucking insane. It blows my fucking mind, man. These stories are INSANELY GOOD.

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