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  1. Not sure how many of you are musicians, but i'd like to hear your thoughts on how pot affects your creative process, or even gigs.

    i always tend to get extremely inspired, and often i'll write down or record something just so i dont forget it later. then, i'll see what i can do with that idea. for me, trying to write music sober often ends too predictably...
  2. I know how you feel, I make the most unique never thought of guitar melodies when I'm high. But when I'm sober, all my shit sounds so similar.
  3. are we honestly the only two musicians here?
  4. Alas, no. I am too :p

    If I play when I'm high then I think "fucking hell that sounds awesome!". Then when I'm sober I'll play it again and think it sounds like shit. I have a video somewhere on youtube of me singing and playing guitar when I'm high. It's not very good, I'll be the first to admit that.
  5. But the shit I make when I'm high is actually good as fuck, it doesn't just sound like it. I find I can write much better in "odd" time signatures, and also have an easier time writing "flowing" passages, and can easily change keys while still making it flow. My standard riff making is also better.
  6. You're lucky then, either that or I'm strange. I can't concentrate or anything when I'm high, ,so actually writing music is a difficult job. I can still play, but when it's my own stuff it sounds so shitty. I'm therefore jealous :p Got any stuff we could listen to?
  7. whenever i try to write something when im sober, it usually turns out as just me jamming over different chord progressions, which, while cool, can get boring fast. when im stoned, i think of actual ideas and (try to) develop them.
  8. Once I get a recording setup I'll definately put some shit up.
  9. Pot is not a motivator for me when recording

    Lately I've been recording solo...doing the drums, bass, keys and guitar parts all myself. Once I'm through with the bare bones rhythm section I'm exhausted and after a few aborted lead guitar takes I'm ready to quit.
  10. what about writing material, though?
  11. I probably play better sober, but writing is great when high.
  12. I personally do a dual approach per song; either I write a song skeleton sober and add more when I hear it again high, or vise versa. It's like having two opinions without the hassle of two people.
  13. I usually like to rehearse and perform sober. If I'm just jamming, I'll get stoned before but I need to have a glass of water with me (saxophonist).

    When I'm writing music, I like to start the process of by getting high and just fucking with different ideas. Eventually, something that I'm playing when improvising with idea will strike me as interesting, and I will keep working on it. I wait to edit and master the bulk of it when I'm sober, and then get the finishing touches when I'm stoned.

  14. i wish i could play sax...

    for me its:

    Lap steel/slide guitar
    Mandolin/Octave mandolin/etc
    Anything with a keyboard
    Various drums (although im not good enough for a drum set)
  15. Here are my abilities in my opinion, some may disagree

    Guitar - advanced
    Bass - (Duh advanced)
    Drums - Intermediate
    Vocals - Advanced
    Keys - Beginner
    Banjo - Intermediate (lol it's fun sometimes)

    Here when I get enough money for a new computer and recording software, I'm gonna start up a 1 man metal band. I'll use the above instruments, probably only use the keyboard for dark/ambient/evil dissonant shit though. Probably won't be adding any banjo, unless I can find a good way Lol. Anyways, I look forward to getting super baked and just letting the music flow from my mind. I think it would be cool if some of you guys would also like to contribute to the band, but just a thought. I'll keep you guys updated on this.
  16. i'd contribute if it was doom metal or ambient evil dissonant shit
  17. I like to record about an hour of me nonstop playing, not repeating riffs, and play it back pick and choose whats good

    also, i think it really depends if ur better or worse when your high, i personally take music as a seperate way to get high, wen i get REALLY into the song or jamm or w.e man i just go and it produces some awsome stuff! i just get in that zone and nothing else matters. Im not stuck on any one thought or idea, im not worried about anything, no stress no problems, no worries at all.

    Plus....When im high, i usally suck at writing :p

    i think its good at the time but wen i play it back sober i realize,....... EH
  18. I come up with some pretty decent stuff on guitar while high. I'll forget most of what I'm playing whenever I do think it's very good, but for the most part alot of its decent.
    And yeah, like what was said earlier, when I'm sober it all sounds too similar and obvious, but when I'm high I have good ideas.
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    I write way better when I'm stoned. Usually I end up with these lame, stale, predictable riffs or I get so into the theory side of things that I stop worrying about what sounds good, which is also stupid. But when I'm baked, I just let it rip and I always wind up with some killer material. I feel like the only time I ever truly play from the heart is when I'm high, and now I'm working on developing my ability to do so without weed.

    As for performing, I've never actually played a gig stoned but I feel like things would go very well. I have jammed with my band baked and the performance was superb, and my actual playing skills don't diminish at all when I'm high (I feel they're even a tad better... my fingers seem to have a mind of their own sometimes).

    And with regards to recording, I've never recorded anything high, either in my home studio or at a professional one. I think I would get all lazy and unmotivated, probably. I'm sure I'll try it sometime, though. Maybe someday I'll try mixing something at home while high and see if I like the mix better than usual when I've come down. Who knows, it certainly seems to enhance auditory acuity so maybe mixing and mastering high could give you an edge.

    In summary, for me, weed mixes very well with writing and performing but I'm not so sure about recording. And, as I'm sure many if not all of you are aware, simply listening to music baked is awesome.

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