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Writing an essay on cannabis legalization. Your opinions on legalization

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by senorbud, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. One of my requirements is either two interviews of opposing views or to do an online poll/interview/etc... on a forum.

    Basically to all you fellow tokers, dealers, growers, and such:

    Do you feel that cannabis (Whole plant, not just marijuana) should be legalized? Why or why not?

    Thanks and happy blazing:smoking:
  2. If one suggested method of research involves opposing views, your teacher may be disappointed that you posted your poll for legalization on a marijuana forum.
  3. Well, it is more of a report than an essay, an I-Search to be exact. It has rules similar to that of a formal essay in terms of grammar, but you are allowed to use "I". It is meant to be told in a "story like manner". Meaning that you write a report about why you choose said topic, how you got your information while also expressing your point of view on a variety of "sub-topics" within your main topic or argue a main point you have.

    Basically some people here I am sure are either growers, dealers or both and I am sure they have a different point of view from a business stand point than the rest of us. At least those that are heavily involved in the industry.
  4. if it is a medicine, y should it be illegal? hell its def.not worse than prescription pills
  5. I agree that it should be legalized but think about what you wrote about it is my body and its not hurting anybody else. Now think of somebody committing suicide. It doesn't hurt anybody else. They can do it in their own house. Still is frowned upon big time and you get thrown in a hospital. :eek: just stuff to think about.
  6. I think alcohol and tobacco not being on the drug classification act and marijuana being in a classification equivalent to heroin is grounds enough to reconsider the "War on drugs".
  7. ^^nah you get thrown 6 feet deep if you commit suicide son
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    5 Reasons why MJ isnt legal

    1. Drug companies dont want you growing your own medicine
    2. Old misconceptions about the drug that are 100% false
    3. Goverment cant explain why they are putting 1000s of people in jail
    4. State and Fedral law conflict
    5. Dumb, uneducated people that dont realize the potential for the drug for
    Industry and Medicine and dont realize the prohibition is causing billions of money and causing thousands of cases of crime that can be stopped with legalization of a plant that causes no addiction, no reported deaths, no violance and almost no harm and instead causes the people taking it to experience a better life...emotionally, spiritually and physicaly speaking.

  9. The only good argument against legalization is that there is no way to determine how long it's been since someone has ingested thc. Much unlike alcohol, which is absorbed into the blood and exhaled as the blood goes through the lungs... so it's easy to test how much alcohol a person has had.

    So when someone hits someone because they're stoned... the best someone can say is that the person has used it recently, not that he was feeling the effects of it when he hit someone. It's a matter of making sure that the people are safe-- and yet again, a matter of stupid fucking people driving in an impaired state. Not that some people can't drive (or even drive better) stoned, but a lot of peopel (me included) can't. But I'm responsible and don't do that because I'm a fucking grown up who makes fucking grown up decisions.

    That is the only argument worth listening to when opposing the legalization of marijuana. But, naturally, since it's quite legal in various places, i don't think that the rate of accidents due to super stoned drivers hitting people ahve increased or else surely we would have heard about it.

    So, in conclusion
  10. xD i meant if you attempted.

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