Writing A TV Pilot! HELP!

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  1. Hey everyone - I'm writing a TV pilot script, and actually, this one has a real chance of going somewhere! The projects really taken off, and got a lot of great people on board - unfortunately, as is the dicksuck element with these things, I can't tell you what it is, what it's about. :(

    It sucks! But it's looking SO awesome, I've never been more excited about a project, its got real potential... And it's VERY stoner-centric! It has a main cast of 4, who are in a band.

    My question to you is, can you think of any fun, outside-the-box way of introducing the main characters, at the very start of the pilot? I thought I'd throw this out to see what you guys come up with, and I'm currently doing my best to think of a way to introduce these guys. The rest is all plotted, but when it comes to introducing characters, I always seem to suffer from Towelie syndrome...

    "Maybe I'll get a little high. NO! You shouldn't! Well, just a little..."


    Looking forward to seeing what ideas you have, lots of love! :D
  2. Are you trying to ease the characters into the plot or are you gonna just dive in and start the show in the middle of a situation? I dunno if that makes sense, keep in mind I dont have shit for training I just watch a metric fuck ton of television.

    I only have one request and that is that you don't use a laugh track. Those things will butcher a well written show.

    Can you reveal what kind of comedy you are aiming for? Dark? Slapstick? Awkward humor like the Brits do all the time?
  3. I think I know what you mean! They're all gonna be there from the very beginning, as a band - there's no origins episode, or any shit like that. And I promise sir, NO fucking laugh track, you're totally right!! I don't need to be told when something is funny...

    In terms of what kind of comedy, very pop culture based... Ever seen a British show called Spaced, with Simon Pegg? That kinda thing... Clerks even, if you've seen that!
  4. show them all dead and buried years after the whole story to kick it off
  5. how about they all meet at an orgy???? on some Eyes Wide Shut shit.
  6. This idea is awesome.

    They get arrested at the end of the episode, I was thinking of opening with that scene, and showing how we get there... Is that some hacky shit though? I dunno if everyone has started doing it since Carlito's Way... Thoughts?
  7. have a SMART/INTELLIGENT marijuana user as a character.
  8. Is this supposed to be a comedy( kinda like It's Always sunny or Workaholics) or progression show? Cuz if it's random hijinx, you could just throw them into any situation and it will probably be hit or miss.
  9. Oh shit, I didn't even say! What a silly pothead I am. It's a comedy, yeah, I'm a stand-up comic by night! :)

  10. That cop show Southland opens every episode with a clip from the final act and then it cuts back a couple hours and leads you up to that opening clip. At first I thought it was cheesy but it reels you in and you end up wondering how the show is going to get to that point. Its a pretty easy way to start on something big, get people invested in the episode and still end on something big.
  11. You think? I'm gonna try and come up with some ideas and maybe come back to the thread to see what you think - any more ideas in the mean time, let me know!

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