Writing a book.

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    Writing a book.
    I am thinking about it. I have changed my life completely in past year. I have gone from the lazy, unmotivated, only-has-a-decent-time-out-with-friends guy, to the healthy, motivated, intelligent, outdoors man.

    I have simply changed my old, negative habits and began new, positive habits. I exchanged my smoking every day routine with daily meditation (Silva Method). I have also switched my junk-food (and too much of it) diet with healthy foods (fruits, vegetables, and fish mainly, but a little bit of everything) and fish oil, vitamins, ginkgo biloba, and melatonin at night sometimes. I also have replaced coffee with ginseng, and sometimes a cup of coffee or mate, or perhaps a combination.

    I feel 1000x better in every way. Mind is faster, vocabulary is much expanded, thinking faster, looking better, more motivated, in much better physical shape.

    Sorry I went a bit off topic there; I am writing a book. An informational book. On how to better your life like I did.

    However, I came a question as well.
    Has anybody traveled the world? Lately I really just want to, and maybe one day travel to study with monks or something for a few years. Along with the cultures and knowledge of those cultures, I want to experience the beautiful sights mostly; the waterfalls, the mountain tops, the views of the skyline, the beaches.

    I am currently writing a self improvement book, and would like to know if anybody have traveled the world?
    Shit, can somebody change the title to "Writing a book/Traveling the world."?

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