Write your state reps easily! Please please read

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tr3-0, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Now is our time! We as a community have the power to change how the government deals with people like you and me who simply wanna light up.

    Please take 10 mins. out of your day to send emails, easily, to
    State reps., Senators, and More!

    "You've gotta' have respect for the plant that you smoke;
    respect it before you smoke it, it's Our responsibility to take action.
    Our responsibility to Make Change!
    God dammit It's Our Time to Step Up"
    - Tr3-0

    So if you're Bold enough, Caring enough to finaly voice your mind,
    Please click here

    You can also sign this petition
  2. i wonder if any politicians will give a shit

    IF they even read my letter
  3. I emailed my congressman about the bailout bill Bush made, and he answered back, it was a generic response, so it was probably a secretary, but he voted against it so my pray was heard.
  4. i write my state reps at least once a month. i have good conversations with their secretaries:devious:

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