Write your own action story.( Dr Seus Style)

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  1. Fiction or non-fiction mother fucker.

    Here's mine:

    So I was driving along at a leisurely pace. Not caring about anyone or anything i was in my own god dang space. All of a sudden this fucker beside me at the light wanted to race, i could tell by his eyes i could tell by his face.... The light turned green i slammed on the gas, he was coming up behind me he was coming up fast holy shit my car's sputtering i don't think it will last. Holy cow there is 3 children crossing the road in front of me i better stop to avoid hitting them.... Dun dun dun..... I slammed on the breaks but them nikkas failed i pulled on the e-break but to no avail I slammed my shit into park and heard my gears grindin' but it was to late i had already permanently paralyzed 2 and killed the other and am now going to jail for vehicular manslaughter while driving recklessly and i get 8 to 20 years.

    I tried to explain to the court my situation. I told them i never turned down a challenge but they seemed disgusted. I told them how i didn't mean it my breaks were all rusted. They didn't buy it my story wasn't trusted. I needed something else i needed an alibi, something the judge would buy this sounded like a lie. In the end it didn't work out i knew i was toast the jury said guilty which made the victims' family boast I'm now in jail i gotta make the most. toast.

    The end.
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  3. my day started off in a lazyboy chair, i can hardly breath im gasping for air.
    i look to my right and i see my bong, i havnt takin a rip in so damn long,
    so i spark that shit up, and then i reach for a cup,
    i take a nice drink, rinse my mouth with listerine and spit it in the sink.
    look to my left and see my toilet bowl, blow that shit up and say "fire in the hole".
    off to work i go, i got to support my family and make that doe.
    im drivin in the fast lane, listen to "im so paid" by the one and only T-Pain.
    openin up my glove box, looking down so i cant see that fox.
    noticed him at the last sec, now my cars all wrecked.
    here comes the po 9, but i got some dope and i cant do time.
    so i dart off into the tree line, while checkin my pockets lookin for my dime.
    while in the woods i met some homless dude, said he had some bangin food.
    cooked some on the campfire, turns out hes a big fat lier.
    food tasted like ass, and now i need a gastric bypass.
    said "in a while crocodile", and then got picked up by my boy named kyle.
    ridin in his SUV, theres a bitch in the back you wants to suck my D.
    i say "lets roll a blunt", she says "no", what a cunt.
    back to my home, got 20 message on the phone.
    some from my boss, some from rick ross.
    feel just about dead, look stright ahead, see my bed.
    lay down and close my eyes, thinkin about how today will make me wise.
    or maybe it was just a dream, sent from aliens through a light beam.
    but nobody knows, and thats how it goes.

  4. Woke up quick at about noon
    Just thought that I had to be in Compton soon
    I gotta get drunk before the day begins
    Before my mother starts bitchin' about my friends
    About to go and damn near went blind
    Young *****z at the pad throwin' up gang signs
    Ran in the house and grabbed my clip
    With the Mac-10 on the side of my hip
    Bailed outside and pointed my weapon
    Just as I thought, the fools kept steppin'
    Jumped in the fo' hit the juice on my ride
    I got front back and side to side
    Then I let the Alpine play
    Bumpin' new shit by NWA
    It was "Gangsta Gangsta" at the top of the list
    Then I played my own shit, it went somethin' like this:

    Cruisin' down the street in my six-fo'
    Jockin' the bitches, slappin' the hoes
    Went to the park to get the scoop
    Knuckleheads out there cold shootin' some hoops
    A car pulls up, who can it be?
    A fresh El Camino rolled, Kilo G
    He rolls down his window and he started to say
    It's all about makin' that GTA

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