Write to Tommy Chong and join NORML to help change these crazy laws!

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  1. Free Tommy Chong

    Please write Tommy in prison for the next 9 months--courtesy of your tax dollars

    Address letters to:
    Thomas Kin Chong
    Taft CI
    UNIT A, #4B
    PO Box 7001
    1500 Cadet Road
    Taft, CA 93268

    If spending your tax dollars to incarcerate Tommy Chong makes you angry, do something about it!

    Tommy Chong didn't think it could happen to him.

    But it did.

    The counter-cultural icon who made us laugh is in jail. Right where the government wants him.

    Last year, almost 700,000 Americans didn't think it could happen to them.

    But it did. Arrested for marijuana.

    You could be next.

    Whether you smoke marijuana to enhance pleasure or relieve pain, or both, the law is after you.

    It's a bad law. And we have the right, the duty, to change a bad law.

    But changing a law, even a bad law, takes time. NORML has been working for more than 33 years to repeal prohibition.

    And it takes money. We've accomplished a lot on a small budget. Indeed, dollar-for-dollar, there's no more effective organization, an organization with a nationwide reputation for speaking the truth and representing the marijuana smoker, than NORML.

    With twice the membership, we can be twice as effective. If only 5% of this country's marijuana smokers joined NORML, we become the largest lobbying group in the US; larger than the NRA, ACLU and AARP.

    What Can I Do To Help?
    There are three things you can do right now that will greatly help NORML:

    1.) Join Or Donate to NORML
    2.) Keep Informed: Subscribe To NORML's Free Weekly E-zine and Legislative Alerts
    3.) Buy NORML Products (e.g., shirts, hats, stickers)

    We need your help so we can stop the arrests. So you can buy a pipe or an ounce, pay your sales tax, and be left alone. So suffering patients will have access to a drug that is legal in other countries because it relieves pain when nothing else works.

    And, so we can offer hope to thousands now in jail, like Tommy Chong.

    Don't you agree that now is the time to lend your voice of opposition against the government's policy of arresting and jailing adults, including sick and dying medical patients, who use marijuana responsibly?

    Please support NORML's long-standing law reform work.

    Write your members of Congress and tell them to stop wasting taxpayer's dollars: Free Tommy Chong!

    Thanks in advance,

    Keith Stroup, Esq.
    Founder and Executive Director

    p.s. Be it for principle or product, please support NORML's important advocacy work.

  2. Let's write to Chong, Blades! We can put Grasscity.com at the top of all of our letters so he'll see that he has this wild following of a huge group of cool ass stoners who can send ~karma~ and good vibes to him all of the time. We can sign with our user names or however we choose.

    Let's show him that we support him. The man should not be in jail and we all know it. We have a ton of stoners here who could write to him. I'm doing it. I hope everyone else does. A stamp is cheap and if you send a postcard, it's even cheaper. :D

    Also, write to the members of Congress so we can put pressure on them about freeing Tommy Chong.
  3. Screw writing letters, I say we make some kind of grand gesture to him from grasscity as a whole :D

    He has actually said that he no longer smokes pot and was maintaining his 'stoner' personality because it made him money, which I didn't like...

    But it doesn't matter! Maybe one of us could get a t-shirt and get the grasscity logo airbrushed onto it, with all of our names written on it and a message of support. Who knows? Maybe he'll be wearing it at a press conference after he's released from jail.
  4. Guys Tommy Chong isnt in CALI RIGHT NOW! HE'S IN PITTSBURGH! He really is in the Pittsburgh country jail... or at least this is what i was told

    He was tried in PGH because PGH had bought most of his products... I will write to that addy tho for sure. But is he really in Ca or Pa?
  5. wow didnt even notice that is on Cadet road... thats not the jail tommy is in then is it? Cuz... well i dont remember seeing a jail anywere around there.. I'll ask my brother he's been there more than I have
  6. My letter didn't get returned to me and Keith Stroup from NORML is who distributed the address so I think it's right.

    Hey Krazi...in my letter, I let him know that I wasn't happy about him 'claiming' he wasn't a true stoner anymore. I think he still gets high but is like the majority of the population and won't stand up and admit it. LOL! I GRRRRR'd at Tommy Chong in a letter! :D

    Anyway...I'll double-check this but I don't see why the main guy at NORML would distribute false info.
  7. I don't think he did at all, i just think he's forwarding the letters maybe. Cuz livin in pittsburgh and bein a pothead it was truly a sad day when TOmmy Chong was tried here... i heard he was locked up here as well but i dont know for sure. If he is... me n Stylez are about to go break em out :p

    Just playin anybody who's readin this n gettin rdy to coem find me...sides comin to my house lookin for me can be detrimental to your health... just ask the surgeon general :p
  8. Just put my letter in the mail box :) I hope my positive words reach Tommy
  9. great post... I didn't even know this was here... :wave:

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