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  1. at 22. I slightly have smile ones and I have one under each eye from pulling the skin down when applying eyeliner (daily, for years and years). What to do to get rid of them?

    Do you have wrinkles? Do you mind them? Do you just live with them? Or do you do anything you can to prevent them?

    Both of my parents have aged exceptionally well. Both of them look at least 10 years younger than they really are and have minimal wrinkles.

    Still, I don't want to have wrinkles just yet. I feel old enough as it is. So what can you do to prevent them? No, not botox. Any natural products? Hemp? ????
  2. there not wrinkles!! they are laughing lines!!
  3. They are lines on my face that shouldn't be there just yet!! :smoke:
  4. Luckily my mom is a beautician or whatever they're called. She cleans my face once a while.

    Big secret for you ladies!
    Soap is horrible for your skin! Why they want you to use soap! So you keep coming back to buy more product!

    I wash my face with soap twice a week and just warm water daily.

    Believe it or not, the oils on your face is the BEST Protector of sun wrinkles and whatnot. Soap removes this, think about it.
  5. I don't really wash my face with soap I have use a facial cleanser for it separately lol. What other secrets? Give me the deets! :poke:
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    This is not bad, i ordered it not long ago for an older friend :)

    [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Tripollar-Stop-Aging-Facial-Treatment/dp/B001QBBQNW/ref=pd_sim_bt_1]Amazon.com: Tripollar Stop - Anti Aging Facial Skin Treatment: Beauty[/ame]

    My skin is really smooth though, my mum(which is gay) used to give me some creams to keep it healthy, i could ask her for you
  7. I don't have any wrinkles, but I think they add character to the person.

  8. Throw it away.

    I literally do not use commercial soap. I have this sandy type soap, ingredients are mostly natural, like sand nut shell bits and some other oils.

    Twice a week.

    I'll post name when I go home, it's Asian I gotta ask someone to translate.

  9. Yeah, if you're 40 or 50 lol.

    Merci merci :)

    But I need something to control my acne/redness/oil....
  10. Hemp seed oil, inside and out! :yay: It is my only beauty treatment- a few drops on my face every night- and it makes a good salad dressing! :D

    Let me walk you through my thinking!

    Plain old oil on the skin has been shown to slow wrinkling- that's been known since before Biblical times! Our skin dries out as we age! Omega 3 has a lot of protective qualities, so why not use an oil high in it? Couldn't hurt to have it working its way in!

    On to the more important inside use! To have healthy CB1 receptors, you need Omega 3. The American diet is VERY LOW in Omega 3 and it makes us crazy! That is what this says!

    “Nutritional omega-3 deficiency abolishes endocannabinoid-mediated neuronal functions.”
    Unbound MEDLINE | Nutritional omega-3 deficiency abolishes endocannabinoid-mediated neuronal functions. PubMed Journal article abstract

    Now scientists have bred mice with almost no CB 1 receptors. These mice age faster and get senile faster than normal mice. That "skin structure" translates to wrinkles and "dull-looking" skin- looking older!

    Early onset of aging-like changes is restricted to cognitive abilities and skin structure in Cnr1(-/-) mice. (abst – 2011) Early onset of aging-like changes is restric... [Neurobiol Aging. 2012] - PubMed - NCBI

    So without CB1s aging goes faster, so logically, making sure that your CBs are working (Omega 3 from fish oil or hemp seed oil) would be a good start to looking young! :D

    Now just having CB receptors doesn't do much- they need to be stimulated to work! Since physical aging and senility seem to be tied together by CB1s, then their stimulation should slow both! THC stimulates CB1 receptors! What slows mental aging should slow physical aging!

    Cannabinoid receptor stimulation is anti-inflammatory and improves memory in old rats (full - 2008) Cannabinoid receptor stimulation is anti-inflammatory and improves memory in old rats

    CN BC: Expert Testifies Cannabis Helps Slow Aging (news - 2008)

    Most folks think I look a good 10 years younger than my 64 years! RoyK, you can ask "Red" for a 2nd opinion on my looks- we've visited!

    So take your Omega 3, and stimulate those receptors! :smoke: Seems to be working for me!

    Granny :wave:
  11. Sigh I need to sit down with you and show you before and after pics.

    My mom uses relatives to show customers the difference in just water and soap products.

    Wash your face with ONLY water for 1 month I bet your face will improve.
  12. This is something I actually refuse to add to the list of things I worry about.
  13. What does she recommend for people with oily/combination skin? I can't just use water or my face will break out cuz of the excess oil my face produces :(
  14. 1. keep yourself hydrated

    2. after you've rinsed the soap off your face with hot or warm water, splash your face with cold water. the cold water will close your pores, retaining any moisture absorbed when they were open with warm water, also a good way to prevent acne. keep your face wet and apply lotion.
  15. It's what I do. I rarely have problems with my face. Soap and cleansers used to just dry the hell out of my face and make things worse.
  16. i wash my face everyday when i take a shower and i have great skin?
  17. i have wrinkles....on my butt!

    jk, im 25 and look like im 15, bring on the crows feet!
  18. Forget the expensive wrinkle lotions and face washing techniques! The face is mainly comprised of MUSCLES, and like any other muscles, facial muscles must be exercised in order to maintain facial composure and avoid wrinkles.


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