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wrestlemania XX

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Garcia76, Mar 14, 2004.


Do you watch wrestling

  1. Yes

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  2. A bunch of semi nude muscle monkeys hell no

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  3. its alright

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  1. Alright todays the day of all sports entertainment. i bought the webcast today for 25. iv been waiting all year for this to come. and in a half hour im going to get a dub. all right tonights the night iv been waiting for. Does anybody else watch wrestling or im i alone?
  2. hell yeah, undertaker vs kane will be poppin. brock lesnar vs goldber, angle vs guerrero..this will be a big event. Ima get high as shit for it too
  3. hell yeah wonder what takers comin back as. gettin ripped smokin bubblers and spoons tonight. and hell no Shawn Micheals is still the show stopper hes gonna sweet chin music HHH and win the bitch i also like benoit but not as much.
  4. i used to watch wrestling until i could ACULLY predict what would happen serious.

  5. OMG! It's Obliviot!!
  6. it started an hour ago but i'm goin to a friends house in 3 hours and we're gunna watch it on PPV. and smoke lots of weed. i don't even like wresteling, but hell, it's a party. that's good enough for me.
  7. ^ haha ^
    (notice the date registered?)

    back on topic, I can't stand watching that stuff anymore... it's too much drama to be fun

  8. rotflmao :D

    l don,t think he would be desparate enough.

    Surely to god they have moved on from here,lol.
  9. what ever happened to obliviot? this is bomb ass weed 1/2 a bubbler and been ripped for 2 1/2 hours. gonna smoke some more.
  10. I watched about 2 hrs of it over a friends house. It was alright, I used to be a hardcore wwf fan, pity I couldnt stay to see kane vs undertaker. the playboy langerie match was disappointing, only lasted like 4 minutes. I did like watching stone cold drink about 10 beers and stunner 2 funny aswell when one of the beer cans they threw smacked him in the face...that gotta hurt lol
  11. The undertaker came back as the pheneom with paul beror. he absolutly destroyed kane. Tombstoned his ass hardcore. the triiple threat is about to start lets go showstopper. even though he screwed Brett hart. Im still high as fuck even though i smoked some more.
  12. lmao paul bearer

    i used to be wicked into that shit, playing wrestling with my friends in shit when i was little. then it got lame. i stopped watching it after sexual chocolate got that old bitch pregnent then they fucking pulled a hand out of her pussy. i dont even know wtf happened there i was just like wtf and that was pretty much the last of it. that shit was fucked up

    im so stoend right now.
  13. Fuck wrestling.
  14. finally gave the title to my man chris benoit, hometown champ!!
  15. Yea I was watching wrestlemanina at a friend's house drinking some beers and passing the bong. Good times.
  16. other than the Chavo match, own hardcore. the night gown match was tight while it lasted. It was great to be able to think to yourself "ass, reversal, ass, reversal, more ass, another reversal, wouldnt you know, ass, reversal." it was great. Kept my attention.

    I'm hella glad Benoit won the shit. I was the only one at my friend's to be rootin for him, and it was the only match to get me up out of my seat in excitement.

    The only bad part was people kept feeding the lil weiner dog, cheese, we all regretted it, his farts lingered sooooo long and were sooooo bad.

  17. Anyone one watch chappelles show? lol that would be a nice good times lyric to add to the song.
  18. chappelles show - funniest show on tv. Im rick james bitch
  19. so now its the next day, someone tell me everything that went down, i didnt get a chance to see it.

    and what did undertaker look like!?!?
  20. ok undertaker came back as the pheneom and whupped kanes ass. Christian beat jerico and is now dating trish. molly got shaved. rvd and booker t reatained their titles. beniot made HHH tap to the crossface. Goldberg beat brock lesnar. Stacy and jackie lost to torrie and sable. eddie beat angle. Cena beat big show. Evolution beat the rock and sock connnection. and i want to say that mysterio won the crusier weight but not positive. Ripped then and buzzing now. gonna smoke in a in a bit cause its raw in 45 minutes. hope that good for ya adam

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