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wrecked... wrecked wrecked again... takin' hits from the boong all day... rant!!!!!:D

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Nov 20, 2002.

  1. well... maybe not all day, but just in the last 5 minutes :D i'm all wrecked. my friend brought over a 3 foot acrylic bong and now i'm all blasted. lol and did i mention i was high as hell? lmao and then again, i could be just stoned. has anyone else noticed this is a rant? ya know why it's a rant? i'll give ya a hint. it's most likely because i schtooooooooooooned :D LOL i think i'll shut up now... :)

    hope everyone's as high as me. for those of you who aren't as fortunate -- this is for you!
  2. me tokin on the bong ripples as well!

  3. need bong need bong need bong, for now this nice little pipe will suit me just fine! YOU"VE INSPIRED ME TO TOKE UP, RIGHT NOW!

  4. i love weed:D

  5. ::does the cottons is happy because he loves weed and is very stoned dance::
  6. I'll second the motion on loving weed!!
  7. in that case i get three more votes for settin it in this direction..

    so i vote three more times for ..mmm..weed is good...

    i love weed.

  8. Don't we all brother? :)
  9. ::does the Cottons is happy because he loves weed and is stoned (again) dance again::
  10. I bet you're legs get tired because you're always dancing!!
  11. i scream and go woo hooo alot.
  12. I seem to be following Norm around the board today.... Hmm... Norm is being stalked!! :)
  13. OH GOD!! NOOOOOOO...

    oh fixin to head out anyway...

    goin to friends hows...smmokin weeeeed...later.
  14. Go get ya buzz on and come back and see us pal!!
  15. just checkin in to say i'm stoned again :)
  16. Me too! Glad you're back buddy!
  17. i'm always here... you just never know it ::makes jack black style face::

    "look into both our eyes at the same time and say it" - jack black in saving silverman

  18. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!! I love that movie. So damn funny!
  19. dang cottons... i gotta wait till the weekend to smoke up ... damn... its thrusday night! woohoo! ... i be ripped same time tommorrow .. cant wait...
  20. Hehe, hope you have a good burn session!

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