Wrecked car with weed in pocket

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  1. I was so fucking scared, i have weed in my pocket and i got in an accident, when the po came i thought i was fucked. I didnt want to stash it in my car because i did not know if they were going to search it for any signs of driving under the influence. pretty scary shit...

    anyone have the same experience?
  2. mhm. I wasnt high but i was carrying weight and i cut a corner and hit a telephone pole going 55.

    Had to ditch the weed in the woods...it was a good decision because my car WAS searched.

    Good thing your alright, is the car totaled?
  3. the car is not "totaled" but it is not worth the price to fix it, so it might as well have been.

    It was really jsut a fender bender and my car took most of the damage, but it crumpled up teh body in teh front. It is a Chevy cavalier convertible (blue) and i got it for $1k so there is at least 1k damage so they would consider it totaled. SO im going to say goodby to "chateau la blaze". We had many experiences by smoking weed on a country road in that thing.... *crying* (literally)[SIZE=-1px] [/SIZE]
  4. happened to me 3 times..

    I had someone hit me once right after i picked up.. Totally their fault, I was actually happy cause i hated that car (pontiac sunfire). I stuffed the bag in my shoe but there ended up being no reason for it.

    There was also another time a friend and i were driving shitfaced and hit a tree doing 35. Had a bunch of beer in the trunk which we ditched right before the cops came. Neither of us got in trouble

    then new years eve a few years ago we were driving to a party a few towns over in SHITTY conditions.. the driver ended up veering off the road a little then cutting it way too hard and spun out into traffic and hit another car. I had a few pieces and a bunch of bud but wasnt trippin.. I knew cops would never make it out there unless it was serious. We exchanged info and left
  5. What part of the lowcountry you live in?
  6. wait so u crashed the car
  7. haha i think you only need to worry if you were at fault. i'm pretty sure they dont search you unless its a very serious accident. we got rear-ended last winter with a case of PBR in the trunk, about a half o of some bud, and like 5 pieces and we just told this chick we were with to put everything in her purse and nothing happened but it was a major buzzkill.
  8. why? i will have to go to court in 3 weeks, do u guys think i can flush the THC out of me but then? jsut drink a lot of water and green tea, or is there anyting i can buy at a headshop where it can hlep?
  9. court dosent drud test you
  10. i had to go to court for possesion they didnt drug test me there the judge sent me to drug classes and they didnt even test me in thoses........so smoke on my man
  11. i crashed into a phone pole totalling it i had a bunch of dimebags for giving to friends and i passed em off to a dude who fit the part at the store i crashed outside of. i smashed my piece on the ground to get rid of it.

    i never ended up gettin searched. i was an accident victim:D
  12. Holy shitt bro this happened to me today I was freaking the fuck out. I ran a red light because I was texting (i know) and hit some old ladies car. I had a bubbler and bud on me but everything was straight just stashed it in my bookbag and got a friend to come get me.
  13. My car broke down in the middle of the highway when I had an ounce on me. My friend ran and threw it in the woods. It was fucking sketch. Thinking about it now, I have no clue why we did it. The cop wasn't going to be like: "This car must have broken down because the kids driving are carrying weed on them."

    Whatever. Seemed like a good idea at the time.
  14. im so fucking depressed because i dont have a car to smoke in anymore. even worse, i was on my way to get fucking bombed! i could have also gotten a nice slice of poon, but i was fucking stupid and hit a car. i lose.

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