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wrecked beyond all comprehension

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. well... lastnight was insane, to say the least. around 12:30 or so i started getting all wetted (smoking pcp for those who have never heard of 'wet')...

    we started off with a half a vile, then smoked another half a vile about 40 minutes later, then smoked another vile about an hour after that, then smoked a fat ass blunt... then smoked like 3 more viles a few hours after that, then smoked like 2 more viles like 40 minutes after that, then smoked another 3 viles like a half hour after that. i was wrecked beyond all comprehension, lol. i was trippin like i had eaten 6 hits of acid... couldn't walk, couldn't talk... my one friend thought we died. he was all like "are we dead?" after me and him split a vile.

    the stuff was fresh outta the freezer when they got it, and it was left outside all night long to keep it nice and cold (was about 10 degrees out for the low).
  2. PCP is bad for you..

  3. yes... this would be why i don't do it often.
  4. PcP is one drug I will never ever....ever ever ever...ever ever ever ever try. that and crystal meth, heroin and freebasing crack.
  5. i'll never do meth, do heroin, snort coke, or put anything in my veins, etc....

    pcp's fun as a special treat every now and then. ya don't need much of it to get bombed... the 9 viles yesterday was between me and some friends... lol... figured i'd throw that in before someone goes all "you smoked 9 viles of pcp???"

    LOL :D
  6. Chemicals bad.

    Weed good.

    Fire good.

    Tarzan good.

  7. Jane is even better!

    I don't do anything besides bud. I just feel i'm silly as hell to start with!
  8. lol....

    on oooh cottons very bad.

  9. I've always been curious as to what the PCP high is like. It's a drug I've heard a lot about but I don't know anyone who's ever done it...
  10. pee sea pee!
  11. smoke pot and only pot..thats just me..dont drink either..cant take it.
  12. LOL smokie ur the greatest

    very true aswell ;D
  13. Is pCp relitivly cheap? Just curios becuase I never thought it would take that much...what do you smoke it in?
  14. vials....huh, what is it liquid, when that shit is bought around here we just call it dust. you get dust by the bag, usually dime bag size, but after smoking one or two good bong hits your done........ what are you getting it in liquid form?
  15. whoa im shot.....:) i posted the sme thing twice in one post.... too much weed for me.
  16. lol gravy.

    I've never smoked pcp.
    I've had marijuana, XTC, speed and coke.
    won't do speed and coke anymore, never.
    I'll stick to bud and once in a while XTC.
    but what is pcp exactly. could some1 explain?
  17. never smoked it straight...never smoked anything other than weed straight but i've smoked it laced with most things
    weed w/pcp is pretty intense...more dizzy than anything else though, lol
  18. I think when I have the money i'm gonna change my name to Mary you think it's better than Mary Kathryn?
  19. lol, atleast everyone'll know u smoke ;)

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