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Wraps or Blunts?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TrapStar, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. I've been a pothead going on 6 years now, and I've really hit a quandry when it comes to this. Wraps or Blunts? Wraps are easy, they taste better, and they're quick. Blunts are nostalgia, and they really only burn a bit slower than wraps. I know some people don't have access to flavored wraps so they may not see the point, but they taste a lot better.
    Now I started smoking with Games/White Owls and then made the switch to ZigZag Wraps. Now I really prefer the wraps by a lot because they're easier, and I can roll them in like 10 seconds perfectly. I haven't noticed a huge difference in burn lengths. Blunts almost ALWAYS trail, but burn slightly slower. I also notice wraps smoke better than blunts.
    Now if you put a perfectly rolled blunt against a perfectly rolled wrap I'd probably take the blunt because like I said, NOSTALGIA get me.

  2. Blunts no doubts ..Dutch masters Palma ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1389848396.750864.jpg 🍀LAKERS420🍀 iPhone 5s™
  3. ^^ damn I wanna smoke that blunt.

    Cigars all the way. They're unhealthy as it is, do not want to smoke totally processed even more unhealthy wraps. Dutches, games, and backwoods taste so much better than any wraps.
  4. Dutchmasters always.. Wraps are for people who can't roll well imoSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  5. Personally, I love cracking open a nice fresh dutch masters la palma, gutting it out, and then rolling up. Makes me feel like I worked for my blunt.Sent from my iPhone using Grass
    See, I always thought wraps were tougher to roll well than blunts. If you know how to roll wraps well it makes a big difference in preference, I think. I rolled with blunts for at least 4 years everyday, so I'm no stranger to rolling them. I like them, but only when I have the time to sit down and smoke. I don't smoke indoors so things like weather, traffic, laziness, and other ways come into play for me. I don't drive around and smoke nearly as much as I used to haha, so blunts are a tough commodity to smoke these days.

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