wowzers in mah trowzerz!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Jimbodawg, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Well just did one bowl off of my gravity bong, mom just got home, she doesn't know I smoke, I'm now high as fuck.
    Mom said she's gonna cook a quick dinner.. should I just chill my room and watch HalfBaked.?

    What do you guys think...?
    'Ololol =)
  2. No, watch a non-terrible movie.

  3. Alright man. I'll do it. But you know you made me laughreal hard. I liked that. Wow lololol.
  4. sir. are you currently under the influence?
  5. Ah, to be 15 again...

  6. this has to be the most indepth thread EVER
  7. Half baked is so realisitc wtf r u talk about!???

    half baked is the shit
  9. I Know exactly what you are talking about. Half Baked is funny.
    I stick by my story!!!
  10. Nahh watch Grandma's Boy, then you can pee in your pants.
  11. schools out? Oh shit its almost 5. Go watch Trainspotting.

  12. Elaborate? I love Trainspotting....
  13. I was joking that he sounded underage, schools usually get out by 3, so being that its 5 itd be likely he was out of school if he was underage... it was a joke man, just a bad joke...

    trainspotting was a good movie
  14. ahh yeah I just thought you were implying trainspotting was a dumb stoner comedy.
    My fav movie by far.

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