Wowww close call! I'm so sneaky ;D

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  1. My friend & I were just chillin in my living room today after we had just got done picking up & blazing a couple bowls in his truck.
    All of a sudden my mom walks in the door :bolt: haha

    I look over at the kitchen counter & pretty much everything was sitting right there; my pipe in it's case, a container with bud in it, a scale, & 3 lighters
    But she can't really see it all because of the way the apartment is setup.
    So I glide over to all the stuff before she gets fully in the doorway & pocket everything I can behind the safety of the wall between us.
    I dip out to my room & get everything to a hiding place before she even puts all her stuff down ;]
    She only stayed for about 15 minutes though & went back to work.
    After which we proceeded to get really really high :D

    Anyways, yeahhh close call :b haha
  2. I used to have this pipe I named reptar it was fuckin sick I wish I had a pic...It broke tho

    Also thats pretty lucky
  3. [​IMG]

  4. haha yeahh idk what she would've done.

    Especially considering I just went to court the other day for possession.
  5. yeah man your slick!
  6. fuckin ninja bro!
  7. haha thanks guys!

    I really was scared shitless when she walked in the door.
    It made me think that the whole day was gonna be ruined :[

    But we lived to smoke another day :D
  8. manee......
    fuck the police
    no justice
    no peace
  9. lol good job
    im proud of you
  10. lucky bastard. :hello:

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