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  1. Basically i'm stoned off my ass right now.
    And listening to Pink Floyd. Idk, but i'm feel like i'm spinning? and whenever i'm not moving my head feels like it's clicking. it's mad weird.
    I can't feel the back of my head. and random body parts go numb also.
    I can't move my right foot at all.
    I also just keep dazing off.

    i probably sound like an idiot :smoking:
    It's almost scary, but relaxing at the same time?
    Like i keep saying in my head "wow i'm really baked" then i'll forget it and say "wow did i just say wow i'm really baked"

    ahh it's so weird :confused:

    and Visualizers + dark room = awesome

    That's all, and happy first post to me.
  2. i used to get something similar when i didnt smoke much herb, i'd be listening to really good floyd songs liek comfortably numb and i'd close my eyes and have really strong physical feelings and extreme happiness i really thought i was in heaven and i'd have waves of energy go throughout my body I always smoked to reach that high not often would I get that good but I think thats similar to how you are feeling... im guessing you havent been smoking for too long?
  3. buddy, im baked to.... its awsome i love u mary j. jacksonnnnn
  4. I always get a kick out of how many posts there are on this site just like "omg I'm so high"

    like if you went to a forum about sailing, do you think there'd be shit loads of random posts like "omg guys I sailed SO MUCH last weekend"

  5. I've been smoking since 4/20 of this year. But i've gone without smoking for a month twice now. and i only smoke once a week.
    But this was the first time i smoked alone. in the dark. with just a visualizer and light from my other computer.
    it was Basically what you described. Real body high which i've never had before so it sort of freaked me out.
    but it was still mad fun.
  6. LMAO.

    omg that shit was great.

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