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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mojofo420, Aug 8, 2001.

  1. good to see lots of familiar faces here, seems like fewer Makita Table Saws too.....

  2. Welcome, that didn't take you long to register here. Lot more mellow at this board. :D
  3. welcome to the board.
  4. High mojo! Glad you're here. :D
  5. Great site, first time posting here myself. Looks like some of the old gang has transferred from Yahooka.
    Hello everyone.
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  6. okie here?
  7. WElCOME my studfriend

    :p [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I hope all is as well as can be expected for ya right now. I emailed you....

    HEY did you guys notice what time we all posted!! DAmn close to 4:20

    [ August 08, 2001: Message edited by: stonygurl ]
  8. You betcha Mojo! I is here.
    Welcome in!
  9. Hey Stony, Your favorite Stud Head Has arrived to save your day. hahaha

    Hey Smokie, good to see you here too. Looking for a better place huh.
  10. yes, you looking for a better place? This house has 5 bed rooms and one master bed. 10 bathrooms, finish basement. but the best part of this place is it's 5 green houses out back. ;)
  11. Aeroblurg, I'll take it. Can we do some trading?? I should have something you would want. Hot dry weather, 20acres with a lake that has pleanty of fish?
    Go to go see ya soon!
  12. ok, because the house i was discribing wasnt really mine. but ill trade with you anyway, i have a box. it's on a corner in the middel of the city. good doing business with ya!
  13. Ok i'll trade but I get to keep the lake and the fish. Oh well I guess I'd better keep the land too. I'll trade you a volkswagon bettle. 72 modle with no engine, no windows, only has drivers door, and only three wheels, but other than that it looks great.
  14. yea but how does it run? lol
  15. You have to use your feet. Like the Flintstones.
  16. The Flintstones are one of my all-time favorite cartoons!! Scooby Doo, too..
  17. somebody should try eating a whole jar of flintstone vitamins. i would, but i have none.
  18. LOL!!!

    4500 posts later..
    man..I wish I could find my first post :(
  19. You're good Critter!:)

    Did ya see the way that leghound jumped on Stony?

    *in a Sam Elliot voice*
    "I take great comfort in that."

    Wonder what happened to some of them faces?

    We got the same subject going in 2 forums now. This could get confusing.

    Got here in 1-26-2001 meself.
  20. annn a few months later my first post....

    where the boys are
    hi, dont mind me too much im just following a couple of boys,hi guys and thanks for the link. i figured this should be my first stop, kind of a warning im here...HEres JOhnny .. insert face of jack nickelson from the shining! anyhow you seem to have a nice home here, thankyou for letting me be a guest.
    let me apoligise right now, and only once for my outragious spelling (school was much easier in the 80's) and my silly sarcasm, i mean no harm.

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