Discussion in 'General' started by DevouringLady, May 27, 2010.

  1. I can't say magnanimity...can you?
  2. only after trying and failing about 5 times, and very slow, mag-nan-im-ity
  3. Yeah I failed the first few times aswell. I split it in half to help myself.
  4. Got it on my first try.....Probably because Im sober right now.....
  5. At first I was like how the hell do you say that??:confused: and on my second try I got it. This thread was really random too btw lol :smoking:

  6. lol...yes I have to break it down...I get tongue tied if I try to say it too fast.

  7. lol..I was reading a text book and I saw it and wondered who the hell can fluently pronounce this word with no problem
  8. fucking magnanimity, how do they work?

  9. you tell me
  10. Yes, I can speak.

  11. Oh yeah? They should construct monuments in your name or something.
  12. I can pronounce it, but that doesn't mean I have any clue what it means! =3

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