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  1. I have just realized that these last months I think I've gained almost 20 lbs. This is fucking ridiculous for me. I mean I'm an average sized guy, but like I've NEVER been fat, and I've only had a litte extra for a year or 2. And last summer I lost like 30 lbs, but I wasn't smoking weed as much as I do now. God dudes....I need help.

    What should I do? Like I'm completely baffled. These munchies kill me.

    Is there alternative munchies, something I can do? Should I work out high, what? I need to lose this weight, I feel gross as shit.


    (If anyone could make like a 7 day schedule, I'd be more thankful than anyone ever :D)
  2. i know that feeling... i wrestled 103 lbs. in highschool... and once i missed weight my metabolism was SHOT, so i ended up being 135 lbs for a couple of months... i know that doesnt sound like a lot, but im a small guy and i went from 103-135... thats a lot of weight, i have a picture of myself from then and its kinda embarassing since like you mentioned... ive always been really skinny. id say just start running and only eating when your stomach is growling... not just when you want food.
  3. buy a lot of gum and eat that instead. and drink some water before you decide if you wanna munch.. munchies are a curse of mine, i must say
    Or start keeping more healthy stuff to munch on. Grapes are perfect;):wave:
    Good Luck:smoking:
  5. Yeah I've noticed fruit helps I literally had 8 oranges last night so that I could keep my hands off the chips. It worked so I'll try that. And I plan on cutting soda. I didn't think of the gum thing though, hmm, and yeah water 24/7 now.
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    When you feel hungry drink water, it'll be bland and unsatisfying at first but you'll get used to it plus you'll love it even more when you start losing weight. If you cant stand water put a lil lemon in it. If you have to eat grapes are fucking awesome for munchies. Carrots and ranch are bomb too, just dont overdo the ranch.

    For a schedule just work out one day, run the next, take a break for a day or two (depending on how out of shape you are) then repeat. Focus on fat burning exercises first, your lats and quads are some of your biggest muscles, works on those and boost your metabolism. Do as many squats as you can do, then do 5 more. Then work on your upper body if you have weights (do slow concentrated reps), if not do push ups. Not worthless knees on the floor push ups, a few perfect pushups will be way better than loads of shitty ones. If your not feeling the pain your not working out, some people don't know this but when you work out your tearing little muscle fibers and when they regrow they come back stronger, so the pain is a good thing. Always remember, if your not trying your hardest then your wasting your time. After you work out gather a meal thats all protein and vitamins and calcium, no sugar, then gettin ripped. You'll eat all of it which is good for your muscles after working out.
  7. I resist the munchies whenever I smoke. Because eating and drinking just wastes the high. So just have willpower and kick munchies in the groin. theoretically.

  8. I've never ever noticed munchies or drinks killing highs, but hey if it keeps you away from those darn dreaded munchies, it's cool with me :hello:
  9. Depends...

    what do you want to do

    Spend a lot of time making sure you're not hungry


    Spend a moment of time and just fight through the hunger

    Because there are options for both of these, it just depends on what you want to do

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