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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Garcia76, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. a few days ago at school before 9th period i went out and smoked a blunt with some friends. when i walk in to class late no less everybody turns around. well fuck it seems everybody knew i was high people told me i smelled like pot. is their anything that they can do. nothing has happened to me yet no phone call and no meeting with my teacher. most times when something happens your called down the next day but its been three.
  2. don't worry about it

    most teachers don't even care... if its been that long you have nothing to worry about, cops would have been called and you would have been busted that day or the next.
  3. those are my thoughts exactly. just wanted to know what others thought
  4. Your in the clear, they would have said something on that day if they thought something was up.

  5. LOL.......who do you think you are?.....Tony Montana?......."Say hello to ma little friend" you don't actually wanna kill anyone over some weed?.......Peace out.......Sid
  6. yeah cops blow but good thing it hasent come to their involvment.

  7. Lol, say hello to the bad guy, f**kin' cockaroach :D

  8. HUH? where was this? one time our coolest teacher who lived during vietnam and shit and we thought was a total hippy busted a few guys in my class for smoking a joint.... luckily for them it was legal at the time.
  9. well most the teachers at my school don't care. We talk about pot all the time in our classes.

  10. Your probably just paranoid, haha...
  11. naw im not paranoid people told me and plus all is well nothing happened she just had a smile on her face when i walked in the next time i had her class
  12. haha shit 9th period....30 minute periods?
  13. I had eight periods once in middle school. Never heard of a school with 9. In high school I only had 4. Anyways, if you really have to smoke at school (and i don't recommend it) then do everything you can to keep the smoke away from you while smoking. Don't hotbox your car because you'll reek. Smoke somewhere that you can blow downwind. Then apply a liberal amount of febreze and a CONSERVATIVE amount of axe or cologne. If you use a shit load of cologne then people will know what's up.
  14. yeah try and not smoke blunts/j's when you got something to do...usually makes u smell too much unless it's windy
  15. I had 8 periods in middle school, they were 45 minutes each, 4 min inbetween classes, got in at 7:45, got out at 2:30....
  16. lol, so now the teach knows you're a stoner :D

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