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  1. LMAO WOW is RIGHT hahahaha.
  2. That made me feel very uncomfortable...:(

  3. Same. That is a very, very disturbed person. :confused:
  4. Videos like this are meant to get attention-

    which is why I do not watch them.

    Videos like this=Lame

    (don' take this as hating on your thread- I am saying the video is lame)
  5. if i was in the same room with her/him i would feel very uncomfortable too, but since im watching it on youtube, its comedy
  6. I mean, yeah, it's funny and all, but... I had to look away after awhile.

    And the little info box says something like... "I really am crying, assholes. The one time I'm NOT acting and everyone thinks I am."
  7. lmfao and i didnt even realize it was a dude
  8. hahahha same here.
  9. Yeah... I'm scared.
  10. Thats crazy he's got over 2 mil views in about 24 hours i cant believe that many people wasted 2 mins of there life on that
  11. what.. the.. fuck..
  12. that broad is fucked in the head just as bad as brittany is. the would probably be life long friends if they ever met

    edit: wait, thats a dude? BAHHAHAHAHAAAAHAA. sorry, that outbust was uncalled for.
  13. people like this scare me.
  14. War, famine, disease, poverty. And this guy/girl is concerned about a rich piece of trailer trash. Yep, this world is looking more promising everyday.
  15. Thats some heavy shit man..

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