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  1. Wow. What a discovery I have made.....I'll try to keep it short

    A little back story. My parents own a considerable amount of land outside a little ole Florida farm town. I hunt turkey's and hogs there. I don't live with then anymore but live close by. There's a couple thousand acres butted up next to it and I know with full confidence that the lady that owns the property ( her husband died a few years ago ) doesn't let anyone hunt on any of her land. I have never seen her on the property. I would never grow on my families land so I chose this area for this years plot.

    So I spend a couple hours working on my plot this morning and decide I'm going to go a different way out. What a fuckin mistake. It's so thick that a couple times I just stopped and smoked a cig to calm my nerves. It's hell getting through it. But as I am getting almost to the edge of the property something catches my eye. Its a tree that has been cut with a machete. I'm completely fuckin shocked and I really inspect it to make sure I'm not seeing shit. Unfortunately I wasn't. So I turn around and I see that it's not the only one. As I inspect another one I notice a trail that's going through this thick shit just big enough for a human. With trees/bushes/ect chopped along the way. So I follow it and it leads me to this spot that's perfect for growing. Good cover. Great sun exposure and water nearby. There's only 1 person that could have made this trail. And I'm still in shock that I made this discovery. It's gotta be my step dad. So idk what to do. If my mother finds out she is going to go ballistic. And I'm the last person that's going to bust him out. I guess I'm just going to let it go and see what happens. Not gonna say anything to him yet.

    It should be noted that he has no idea about my plot and is completely anti-pot. I would be less shocked if I won the lottery. This shit is unreal to me

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  2. get some seeds going pronto.
  3. Hmm?

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  4. Grow some herb.
  5. Growing on a neighbor lawn who doesn't allow hunters? Doesn't seem too smart. Not because of others eyes, but hers.

    But all depends on the situation. Just doesn't seem safe to me, especially if you live next to her.

    But kudos on having enough respect for your parents to not grow on their property.
  6. She doesn't live there cooper. She lives several counties over. She owns several thousand acres across different parts of the state. Her husband owned a land cruising company but after his death she sold the company but kept all of the land. It's thick nasty stuff and I don't think a 75 year old rich lady would have much interest in slugging through endless briars and brush. The problem is not in anyone finding either one of the plots ( mine or my step dads ) it lies in the discovery of my step father plot. Feel me?

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  7. Sounds like you may have found a great spot then. I'd be buying seeds already lol
  8. wow thousands fuckin acres I wish I had that up here in upstate new york, really probably 500-800 acres left around me and the rest greedy fuckin housing developers stole the farms but I've got my 6 million acre Adirondack mountain park short drive away.
    What is your step dad doing out there? Its fucked up but anymore chance of him snooping the rest of the property? 
  9. Yea I already got em cooper lol. I'll be trying some new strains out this year but still got my stock from last year if I don't get around to ordering the new ones. I'll be growing there either way.

    Damn that sucks himan. Lots of land you got close by tho with that park. He's out there getting his plot ready lol. He has grown pot before in the past ( before I was born ) and he has told me several times he was very successful. He was strictly a cash crop grower. And I'm guessing he's back at it after a 20 year break. Like I said tho he's completely anti-pot. He's given me several lectures about how bad pot is. That's why this is so shocking to discover his path to a perfect growing area. Idk if he will look around the property any more but he'd have to travel a long long way to find my plot.

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  10. I may just be an idiot, but I don't understand exactly what the significance of your discovery. You have learned that someone else has.been through the land.

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