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    i got a call today that I'm not allowed to umpire the upcoming summer season of little league baseball I'm so fuckin pissed... i was making 33.50 a game doing like 6-10 games a week... pretty decent. apparently I violated an umpire rule so I'm banned for the summer then i get to go back in fall....

    Ok so i was umping this game for the spring season it was the game before the championship and this one kid was dominating... it was pretty crazy the kid struck out every batter for the last three innings 9 in a row in tom seaver fashion prob average 4 pitches a batter... so the 9th strikeout i yell TAKE A SEAT... instead of yelling strike 3.. i have NO IDEA where this came from and the next thing i know the coach is trying to get me replaced from that game and didn't let his team go on the field and I'm just like oy vey..... take it easy you fuck this kid just ran train on your team. He said i clearly favored the other team and my violation was that i expressed support towards one team over another... like wtf no idc which team threw 9 strikeouts shit was ill the kid threw a curveball that had me even fooled and i wasn't even swinging a bat lmfao.

    fuckin angry parents your kid is 11 years old he won't be in the mlb just face it kids who r in the mlb 95% of them are in travel teams at the age of 10 not a shitty P.A.L. league that has 11 or 14 batters in a lineup.... SHIT now i need a job for the summer
  2. Dude that is why I'm against Communit or school sports. If my kid wants to I wont stop em but I sure as hell wont be a dick parent and yell or hit my kid when they don't "play good"
    When I was like 12 I took down the sccr coaches son and nailed the coach in the sack for calling my best friend gay during a meet. It wasn't friendly joking they were being cruel and singling him out.

    The adults take it way too seriously
  3. I was an umpire when I was like 14 or 15, and i got fired. One day I really wanted to go home so I just started calling everyone "out" so the game would end.
  4. ya..parents took all the fun out of kids sports games by over organizing and regulating them...been that way for 30+ years and is only getting worse.:mad:
  5. Haha whats bad about saying "take a seat" people said that when I was in little league all the time.....
  6. Dat punishment don't meet the crime..

    Maybe a week ban or something..
  7. sure i said it like i liked it but i did!!!!! the other pitcher went all cy young and shit I've never seen a kid strikeout 3 innings worth of batters in a row literally 4 pitches or less every time.

    maybe the kid got upset cuz he struck out three other times or something idk thats what I'm thinking is why i got in trouble.
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