Wow !!!!!

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  1. Not bad for a first time grower huh !!!

    These were mostly grown outdoors this summer in London, yes London England (thank god for a good summer) !!

    The strain is both Afghani and Skunk#1 and as I am also a fist time smoker I cant wait until these are finally cured should take a couple of week I understand in an airtight container I harvested them two weeks ago and manicured them today.

    Just counting down the days now.

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  2. Pic number 2

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  3. nice work

    happy toking :)
  4. thats amazing for someone who has never smoked and is his first time smoking
  5. Yeah good work but.. fuck those look brown
  6. ahhh they look great, and for a first grow, someone who doesn't really smoke much yet, thats wonderful, keep it up you got a great green thumb!

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