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Wow. You Delted My Topic About Sawing Off My Thumb.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by tony jabroney, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. why? im not the fuzz. i didnt ask anybody to sell me pot. you guys are ridiculous. use some common fucking sense. im out.

  2. god forbid someone actually gets some help in this forum for a medical condition right?
  3. #3 SwichOne, Jun 19, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 19, 2013
    so, you sawed off your own thumb?  :confused:
  4. work accident. i didnt actually saw it off, my dad did. and now the mods think im a cop or something because noone has ever lost a finger in a work accident right?
  5. and more to the point, i have weed connections. im not asking anybody to sell me weed. i never even sorta hinted that i wanted someone to sell me weed. i asked about circulation problems that might occur and i guess that was too edgey for this place.
  6. I saw that post and there was NOTHING wrong with it. I have no clue why it would get shut down! I wish you luck on the thumb dude, and with quitting cigs, I remember that being something important on the thread.
  7. thanks man. i dont get it either. sometimes mods on forums get a lil ridiculous.
  8. maybe your thread was deemed immature and this thread.... :confused_2:
  9. you're not even allowed to talk about what pharmaceutical medicine marijuana has replaced for you but these kids asking a billion dumb ass questions about how to smoke in their parents house or where to buy a bong online because they're underage are okay....special to say the least
  10. maybe you have no fucking clue what your taslking about and you are in turn being immature and insulting
  11. His thread was perfectly normal honestly.
    Lost thumb in work accident, asking for advice on if it was okay to smoke pot or not because doctor told him not to smoke cigs...
    He even had granny on there giving him helpful advice!!
  12. that was at i divide by zero. i made a thread about how i sawed off my rthumb and asked about possible blood circulation problems. that was it.
  13. hey im sorry if im now being a dick, and i totally am, but this whole forum mentality of kicking people when they are down because you are on the internet grinds my gears sometimes. so backhanded sorry to i divide by zero. thanks to everyone else.
  14. I'll repeat what I replied in the first thread, which was fine as far as I could tell.
    Try contacting "Storm Crow" and ask her about it. Or you could check her list of links and find it yourself, the list is a "sticky" at the top of this section.
  15. What I said in that post was QUIT THE TOBACCO! Cannabis is a vasodilator and will open up your blood vessels, unlike tobacco that closes them down. And a recent study shows that using a cannabidiol tincture in a spray bottle has been shown to cut tobacco use by 40% without any other treatment in the space of ONE WEEK!  You could make some up by making a tincture with High CBD cannabis and a little vodka and getting an empty Dollar Store spray perfume bottle!
    Cannabidiol reduces cigarette consumption in tobacco smokers: Preliminary findings.
    (abst – 2013) 
    And as far as I could see there was nothing really objectionable in the post.   :confused_2:  The thought of sawing off a thumb made me go "EWWW!", but that shouldn't be a reason. Unless someone posted something "bad" after my post, I got no clue! :confused:
    And throw or give away those cigarettes. Which is worse, jonesing for a while, or living life without a thumb?
    Granny :wave:
    hmm...well, without the thread I can't be sure just how it was being discussed but the topic does sound legit. (thus the :confused_2:
    as to this thread, OP did come off as immature  and disrespectful in public on what is a topic for private discussion with the mods. (just my opinion though) :bongin:
  17. You spelt jabroni wrong, jabroney.
  18. Good point, folks should use the forum guidelines as an orientation to their new City. :smoke:
  19. Did they sew the thumb back on if not did you save it?  I'd make a necklace or earring.

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