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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by negligent, Oct 11, 2003.

  1. the other day i took 16 coricidin, drank 3 oz of robitussin and took 12 benadryl..... it was pretty fun and the last thing i remember was my friend mat sayin "hey jesse come here" and next thing i knew i wokeup in the hospital with an iv in my hand and a bunch of things monitoring my heart. turns out my heart rate tripled and my blood pressure was high enough to the point that i almost went into cardiac arrest. my dad told me that i was walking with my legs crossing and when i was in the hospital i kept stealing the nurses pens and tried to break one of the tables by pushing down on it. i had to spend the night in the hospital and the majority of today. i had to have a fuckin tube jammed into my dick cuz i couldnt piss to give a urine sample. god that hurt. the doctors said i'm lucky to be alive. needless to say i learned my lesson.....
  2. idiot... sorry but you are...
  3. ^^^
    That's a little rough.

    You know it wasn't a smart move, and maybe you'll be more careful next time you use anything that messes you up, especially in excess. I'm glad you came through it ok. We'll chalk this one up as learning a lesson the hard way.

  4. i mean.. how could you think that was ever a good idea.. common! lets use our brains here, or what we have left of them...
  5. aren't you the guy who drove on 8 oz. of robo? You're not making good decisions...

  6. I'm siding w/ grass roots :). Why would you do that? Seriously, I'm curious, why would you just push your body like that? I understand ppl popping a couple pills, but how can you say to yourself "ok i'll down 3oz of robitussin, 16 whatchacallits..."

    You lived, hopefully you learned.

    I hope I didn't come off as condescending. We all do stupid things. It's just that usually mistakes don't have a predictable outcome. But yours did.
  8. stuff is dangerous..... and people laugh and ask why i would trust 'illegal' drugs more.....:D go figure..... im sure over the counter products cause more deaths a year anyway....

    good to hear your alive man.... if there is a next time, take it easy....:)
  9. OTC drugs do cause a whole bunch of deaths a year. I'm going to have to find those stats again. Everyone go search for that "What do you write on a bank note" thread.

  10. Finally! Took you long enough! I'm sorry that it had to come to this to make you learn your lesson. I'm glad you're alive.
  11. And now you see why they ant to make every damn thin illegal... it's idiots like this who make it hard on everyone else....
  12. i aint the only one who was hospitalized that night. my boy terry who took just as much shit as me got hospitalized to. only reason he went is cuz the police picked him up. and we both alive still. why? cuz we know what r bodies can take. we didnt just say 'hmm lets just try to take a whole fuckload of stuff today and see wat happens!" we took smaller amounts first to see what effects happend. shit i even took more than that before its just that this time my dad caught me and took me to the hospital. i've taken 16 c's and a bottle and a half of robo before. didnt die. shit the day before i got hospitalized i took 16 c's and 12 benadryl and last saturday i took the same amount, drank 1/4th a bottle of loretab, smoked a couple blunts of nuggets and drank a few shots of vodka. didnt die. i popped 24 dramamine before and my heart rate more than tripled but i didnt go to the hospital. and i didnt die. i didnt wanna go to the hospital my dad made me go. so fuck you who think everything should be legal. only marijuana should be legal because marijuana is the only thing no one has died off of and is safe. for everything else us druggies do we know wat the fuck we're risking when we take shit in proportions. i know people who have taken 32, even a kid who took 3 boxes and havent died. know your body if your going to push the limits. i'm not afraid to die because i believe everyone has there life planned before they even live it, every step you take or blunt you smoke was all planned out so if i'm supposed to die from a drug overdose thats what i'll die from, if i'm supposed to die of old age then i'll die that way to, i'm not gonna try to live my life in fear i'll do what seems like sumthin i wanna do at the time. aight so all you people who think i'm an idio, fuck off i dont care what people on a message board think of me. if you dont like me for who i am then it aint gonna bother me.

  13. Shut up.

  14. i aint proud of it. i just dont feel i should be disrespected for making a mistake. i show respect to everyone on this board even if they've made some stupid decisions and i feel i should be respected back. aight?


  15. I will respectfully say, please stop doing this stuff to yourself! You sound worse than this guy I used to know, and he killed himself on the ride up to rehab.

  16. But the thing is we've been telling you to stay away from Coricidin for a while never listened. It's just a way of saying "I told you so".
  17. sorry, let me make myself clear. when i mean being disrespected i was referring to the person with like 3 or 4 posts calling me a retard, the rest of you showed respect and i appreciate that.
  18. wow...i took 16 coricidin and almost died...(puked 3 times and i had an outer body experience i think i was almsot dead)
  19. What the hell is your problem? Are you trying to kill yourself? Your liver is going to fail eventually, sooner than you think no doubt. If you keep it up, youll be dead pretty soon. Dude man you need to get some help. I hope your dad puts you in a mental institution.

  20. Respect??? you deserve NO RESPECT. Obviously you dont give a shit about your dad. if you did, you wouldnt continuously do dumb ass shit to hurt him. How the hell would you feel if you were in his position? Dont you ever stop to think about what you are doing to others, people who actually care about you?

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