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  1. ok so on Saturday i was hangin with my friend we smoked 2 joints each, very fine fire mids grown in arizona or something he called it arizona bud. anyways when we were done we went to a pizza place i placed a order when i was waiting it felt like 2 hours lol but anyways i was so stoned i was lookin outside and then these 2 people walk down the street they had crazy clothes on and piercings every were! there faces looks fucked up too lol. there mouths were crooked and shit lol atleast from what i saw. when i saw them i was "WOW!" real loud in the pizza place and my friends was like what? then i go outside and still see them walking down the street. i didnt know if i was dreaming them or they were real. IT WAS AWESOME! i love it i get stoned so easily cause im new to it and i do it only on weekends and fridays so my tolerance is low..what a fun day oh yea and yes the pizza was good but it was hot
  2. What kind of pizza was it?
  3. When your stoned and at a pizza shop next time, get this:

    Extra Cheese
    Meat lovers (If you like ham, bacon, sausage and hamburg)

    You will be like :eek::eek::eek:
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    jalipino peppers on pizza is amazing when you're stoned.

    Its like a mindfuck, only its your mouth.
  5. Ah. To be a newbie again....those were the days, when you can be fascinated by the simplest things lol cool story though :smoke:
  6. meat lovers is fuckin bommmmbbb. if you're ever blasted at subway get a footlong italian herb & cheese (bread) chicken & bacon ranch with whatever veggies, just make sure you get chipotle sauce. makes the sandwhich

    oh and get it toasted :D

  7. Could'a fooled me :rolleyes:!
  8. Wish I could go back 2 or 3 years.
  9. good ole days.
  10. ^eww lol that pizza has tomuch shit on it. i like my pizza extra cheezy thats it
  11. your mom is so ashamed of you

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