wow what is the world coming to(I bet this pisses you off to)

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    [ame=]YouTube - Smoking some weed and giving some shout outs[/ame]

    LOL It dosent piss me off it's one of those things where I go wtf though.
  2. I actually am so stoned right now I watched the whole video because i forgot what i was doing... I absolutely hate those kids. I'll admit I started smoking when i was 15ish, which i'd guess seems his age, and I hated those kids.

    I only smoked because I embraced the high, and didn't do it to be "cool", and i'll admit I did at the time feel kind of cool about the fact that I smoked, but I didn't show it off like that... If i smoked I didn't tell anybody but my closest friends.

    And this video just kind of pisses me... You're right. Now. Watch this video

    [ame=]YouTube - "High as F#%k" Music Video[/ame]
  3. my friend loves tht high as fuck vid..i dont mind it but its mos def not my fav vid lol.
  4. haha, yeah I might just be very baked, but that was hillarious, twice in the past 10 minutes.
  5. Goddamn, you were right. Who the fuck wants to watch that? For what use was that created?
  6. I am wondering to dude...and in all his videos he only smokes a few hits and claims its mega weed lol...but he has yet to pack a bowl even he just puts a pinch in wtf lol...idk its just so funny it makes me kinda mad.'
  7. Also, who is wanting to have this guy say their youtube user name in between smoking dust bowls out of plastic???
  8. LOL other kids like him. XD
  9. hahaahahahahahah wow this kid is like sooooo cooooolllllll.... comeeeee onnnnnnnn
  10. hahahah gotta love the 1 second he hold his hits tho :rolleyes:

  11. thats what i was just wondering
  12. Dude wow, I started smoking way back in 6-7th grade and I never acted like that, but I did have older brothers to show me the ropes so...hah.

    That just seems so stupid though, act like a retard and then post a video of you doing a illegal substance and get screwed over sooner or later.
  13. This kid sucks. He looks like he's 12, too.

    At least that "High as Fuck" video was amusing.
  14. Dude, I'm fuckin baked as beans and this shit brings two things to mind. Like what was this kid thinkng!? But if you think about it...what if this is his efiin tactic to be known on YouTube which is clearly working cause were talking about it...brilliant man if youask me haha
  15. what the fuck?

    LOL at :47 in that video. Retarded kids smoking is hilarious. :hello:
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    why do newbs keep bringing up shitty tubes?
  17. coz its funny lol dnt b a boner killer ulfhethnar
  18. I totally do have a boner but not from this.'

    you are the one that said this vid pisses people off but you are wrong. it's just a kid smoking pot.
  19. Lok ok need to be a dick man...sorry if your girl is cheating on you or somthing...missplaced anger isnt cool..

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