WOW what have you become???

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Chreepac, May 17, 2010.

  1. I just became a memorologist.
  2. im a motorologist-conservationalist-babtist-spychic.
  3. smokin weed
    payn the rent
    eatn fast food
    hangin with my brother from another mother

    and im completley content
  4. a republicrat:confused:
    nope just retarded:eek:

  5. word. +rep
  6. I've become an extra terrestrial.

  7. I lol'd!
  8. stoned

    and pasta bread bowl from dominos!!!!!!1
  9. The Ganjacologist
  10. The dictator of Germany.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. My poem of who I am-

    I am the changer,
    the arranger,
    the connection to the collection.
    I am a bridge, studies in hand.
    My feet in two worlds, here I stand,
    I am the translator and the speaker,
    On line, I roar,
    In life, I'm meeker.
    I've got a full deck, but with extra jokers,
    I am Storm Crow,
    Granny to the tokers!
  13. I am 'K'.

  14. spy chicks are hot.. but what's a babtist?
  15. rick james bitch
  16. I went from taking my first hit 6 and half months ago to experimenting with over 10 substances. Not that many but some people don't even have their own piece within 6 months of starting to smoke. Not proud either everyday it's a struggle not to pop those magic little pills to make my trouble melt away.
  17. i smoke crack rocks...

    ...fat crack rocks, all day every day :hello:

  18. cocaine is a helluva drug

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