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  1. yeah theres a few lies there. that pisses me off that people find "potheads" to be dirty. Well atleast around were i live very few people treat smokers bad. i've read enough articles already that say pot is bad, i really don't give a fuck what anybodys saying anymore. I'm tired of all the lies that are bullshit.
  2. "The people who profit from the $400 billion global drug business -- and yes, marijuana is a big part of this business -- are creep factor nine. They're criminals."

    Ya, well if it was legal, they wouldnt be criminals. And if it wqas legal, I would grown my own anyways. Seriously, why can they not see the benefits of legalization?

    "Long-term use increases the chances of tissue damage and lung cancer, and also causes changes in the brain similar to those caused by long-term use of cocaine and heroin."

    So in 10 years my brains gonna be the same as a heroin/cocaine addict's. Riiiight... That's so rediculous, I dont know how they can even claim that to be true.
  3. this one gets the switch DUMBASS award:

    It'll Get You Into Trouble
    According to the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse, kids who frequently use marijuana are almost four times as likely to commit a violent act -- against either people or property -- than those who don't. They're five times as likely to steal. So smoking marijuana can get you in trouble with the law and result in later problems like not being able to get a scholarship or a job.

    Riiiiight ok. Well let's look at young people who steal and commit violent acts. Are they doing it because:
    A) They Smoke weed.
    B) They are dumbasses who try to be rebels against society/family etc. and think- hey I know what will piss people off as well as me being a violent/theiving little fucker- I'll "take up" drugs.
    C) An Opossum.

    (CLUE: IT'S NOT A)

    I love propaganda for shits and giggles. Don't worry folks: give anyone this material when they are a little kid (obviously the target audience) and they might believe it- when they reach their mid to late teens they realise that it's bullshit.

  4. The "stoner's spare"?? I have never heard of this. :confused:
  5. lol wat a load of mostly shit, im just gonna quote it then rant like many have done before me, but i cant help it.

    "Several studies have linked marijuana use with poor school performance" - i know loads,lol well 1 or 2, clever stoners, so...

    "The likelihood of a car crash is increased by some of the immediate effects of smoking pot" - just like with alcohol and all other drugs, they cant pin that on pot, wankers.

    "Marijuana also makes you more likely to do something stupid you might regret." - sorry but LMAO, they're really running thin on bad things to say, why dont they just say 'pot is,erm, really bad, erm,yeah'

    "You Might Lose the Good Friends You Have -- and Make Some Bad Ones" - i havent lost any friends, and ive made some cool ones, you guys arent exactly bad friends either!

    "kids who frequently use marijuana are almost four times as likely to commit a violent act" lol load of shit, it just depends on wat kind of loser u are if u wanna do that, not if ur a stoner.

    > aaand im done :D
  6. "It Can Make You Look Like a Gritball
    We're all anxious enough about how we look without having to worry about the stained fingertips and teeth, stinking breath, and bloodshot eyes that come with smoking pot. People who smoke dope can look a little -- well, skeazy. They might lose interest in their appearance. They can also get the munchies when they're high -- and it's not exactly health food they binge on. They don't call that tire-shaped ring of flab around the middle of a pothead the "stoner's spare" for nothing."

    im sorry i had to do the whole thing, and now for my examination of the quote


    Wait wait i havnt finished holding my sides


    bullcrap, i dont care bout my main appearance but i do try to stay as thin as pos and look better than "skeazy"
  7. i think that has been written for all the 5 year old "pot heads" out there. pathetic

  8. Me either. I think they made that up. I know plenty of stoners, and, amazingly, not one of them is fat.
  9. Who the fuck gets stained fingertips from smoking weed???

  10. Albinos?
  11. The only time i've EVER gotten "stained" fingertips..... was from when i got resin on them! i hate it when i get that shit on me

    I wonder how much money would've been saved, had this war on drugs been canceled way back when... a hell of alot i'm sure.
  12. i've had stained fingures tipes before, so it is possible but it was from covering my bowl on my pipe for a few bowls every night for like two weeks so just keep it down and it dont happen
  13. Free Vibe...


    Funny how they never mention the hundreds of billions of dollars the governement has spent fighting weed...

    You know???
    The same money that could have educated the country better???
  14. i would just love 2 smack who ever wrote that. Id smack em hard real hard grrr. Shit like that pisses me off.
  15. thats the stupidest thing ive ever heard.. "stoners spare" most of friends and I are skinny and we puff all the time... also the grade stuff.. i maintain at least a "C" average.. usually a B. so there.. thats a bunch of bull doodie.
  16. yeah, most of the peaople I knew (including me) always had A's, and a few B's, and only once in a while a C... And they were the ones who also honor role students, and a few of them are even in college doin their shit now (still smoking too).
  17. I think alot of what they publish as "drug fact", is actualy (if at all true) just in the most remote sense of posibility, true. Which, makes it complete BS!
  18. And IGN seriously sucks ass. It's run by Nazis. No wait, worse than Nazis, Nazis would be at least barely respectable. Who runs IGN is pure EVIL! lol, nah, but their website is BAD. it's anti-weed, and ONLY FOR THE MONEY! not for it being their beliefs. pfft, whatever. Also I just got banned from there. Why in the hell would they ban me? I honestly didn't do anything wrong, they just have their panties in a bunch. And (in their tos) they say their website is a family place too....uh, yea, right....: "we might have to hurt small animals while we do so. Anyone got a firepoker and a hamster?
    -- Douglass C. Perry"

    <---- That was IGNs rep! hmmm....

    And they're constantly plugging for the military, and anti-mj. they clearly know whats best.
    Not to mention they're control freaks/perfectionists. And as we all know, perfection is BS. and in it's own, is imperfection, leading to complete crap nobody wants. And I want nothing do do with IGN.

    egh, anyway, my rant of their bull., sick of it, blah

    DONT DO GOOD FOR IGN! They're baaaad!
  19. LOL @ "the stoner's spare".

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